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We suffer from allergies in the fall and winter

The incidence of allergic diseases is increasing worldwide, and currently affects about 30 to 40 percent of the population, according to data from the World Health Organization. Some symptoms are seasonal. He said on M1 this morning that fall is a difficult time for those allergic to fungi, while in winter, with the onset of the heating season, dust allergy exacerbates.

Autumn is a difficult period for those allergic to fungal spores. Christoph Nikam, an allergist and clinical immunologist, noted that said germs are everywhere where the weather is wet and cold, even in nature.

“The experience is that humanity itself can adapt to changing living conditions, so it is conceivable that in a hundred years, for example, if someone with allergies is already a part of their life, the disease will not be as brutal as it sometimes is. Experienced “ Christoph Nikam said.

He added that as more and more people become sensitive to the usual allergens outdoors and indoors, our bodies will change more and more on a social level, and in the future the allergy will not cause many symptoms, and tolerance will develop.

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