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We tested and revealed the dark secrets of fruit yoghurt

Thursday 07 April 2022

Almost a decade ago, the shocking revelation spread on Hungarian news portals that the vast majority of fruit yoghurts on the shelves are not on the health side. I remember all too well how shocked people were, and how many gave up eating advertised strawberry crunchy yogurt almost overnight. But as usual, this miracle lasted for three days, and we returned our delicious, vitamin-rich yogurt made from real fruit to our cart. or not?

In 2017, he appeared in the Grand Conscious Buyers Association Fruit Yogurt TestIn this study, at least 41 types of fruit yoghurt were examined. The test checked the sugar and fruit content of the yogurt based on information on product labels and whether it contained coloring, flavoring, or so-called “disputed safe ingredients” (allergens carrageenan, guar gum or cochineal).

Interesting results were obtained: the fruit content of the yogurt with the highest fruit content was 15 percent, and only one product was found that did not contain additives. Other yogurts on the shelves were devoid of flavors and colors, and most had less than 5% fruit. Surprisingly also, these products contain more sugar than fruit, and five of them were found to be an allergen.

The big trap

The Hungarian food book It states: “In the name of flavored preparations, the name of the food used as a flavoring (eg ‘raspberry yoghurt’) must be indicated. If more than one flavor is used, the name must refer to the dominant flavor or the well-known collective name of the flavor may be used. (For example, “Mixed Forest Fruit Yogurt.”) If the product is flavored exclusively by flavor, the name may indicate the nature of the product only by name.

Now, these “flavored” products – far from knowing which fruit they give their name – are on the same shelf and in the same place as their counterparts with at least some fruit. So, if Mom wants to get “healthy” fruit yogurt off the shelf during a quick shopping, she puts the sweet little tale character in the basket and can easily skip the inscription, or she doesn’t really know what distinguishes “flavored” yogurt from real fruit yogurt. Seriously, thanks to edible solutions by the manufacturers, these liquid scent tips have been incorporated into the “environment”

Even when buying yogurt based on good intentions, we may take home an empty “artificial” cup instead of healthy.

So the next time you catch a ‘strawberry flavored yogurt drink’ made especially for kids, enriched with the current superstar fictional hero, we know before we buy that there isn’t a single gram of strawberries in it. And perhaps the last aspect is that they have a very high sugar content, which, when seasoned with a little aroma and color, gives us a very peculiar food.

image in our heads vs. the truth

Many of us love yogurt, and in addition to being delicious, we also know that it aids digestion, and contains live plants and probiotics. It also protects and helps the functioning of the intestinal microflora, thus contributing to the healthy functioning of our body. So we can rightfully expect that when we get to the milk cooler, we can get a healthy dessert or just 10am without a lot of searching. Because that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, this is not the case in a large percentage of cases.

We have so much information, we get lost in the midst of marketing gimmicks, and oftentimes we can’t explain the real picture or just put it together.

Here is an example live plants Issue. We probably all know that A dairy product that contains live plants is a great friend for our gut. But what are living plants? Live yoghurts are preparations that have not undergone any subsequent heat treatment, so the microorganisms added to them survive and can become part of the normal intestinal flora when they enter the gastrointestinal tract. However, yogurt that has undergone heat treatment cannot have a live culture, because heat treatment also eliminates beneficial organisms as well as spoiled microbes. So the product lasts longer but is less “useful”. So if we wanted to add yogurt with a spoon because we wanted to enjoy its beneficial effects, we have already shot a category: Forget about heat treated products!

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Next is the fruit question. For simplicity, let’s take the case of strawberry yogurt: According to the Hungarian Food Book Only preparations containing 4% strawberry can be considered strawberry yogurt. And here comes the ingenuity of the manufacturer: there are quite a few products on the shelves with “strawberry preparation” on the label, and it is far from matching the content of real strawberries, because only part of this preparation can consist of strawberries. And let’s also remember:

There is no chance of strawberry getting into the strawberry flavored yogurt, and its taste will be achieved by adding flavor and color.

Sugar is coming! On the label of most fruit yogurts, sugar comes in second. This means that it is the second most abundant component. If we randomly remove two sympathetic yogurts from the shelves, after studying the labels, we might be shocked: they contain an average of 12-13g of sugar, or 4 cubes of sugar. I left, I checked. It really is. And before we panic about the lighter versions, I have to warn you: sweetener products Most of the industrially produced sweet ingredients found in sugar are often lower in sugars because of this. They make it difficult for the body to break down carbohydrates. Moreover, the pluses are bad news: the appetite is not suppressed either. For example, it was known that these sweeteners were also used in pig feed, i.e. For the purpose of increasing appetite?

We went, we looked, we were shocked

I asked a good friend to come with me Yogurt Exploration Tour. I wanted to stay as objective as possible, and since we only eat Aunt Sandra’s homemade yogurt, I needed someone to help me choose. Standing in front of the shelves, we targeted the products we buy first for our kids as parents. We have removed all the wonders of fictional characters that our children will surely like, products whose names and advertising texts have enough appeal. We analyzed ten labels and the numbers were pretty disappointing:

  • In eight of the 10 cases, sugar ranked second on the list of ingredients. In the remaining two cases, it took third place, but immediately after that, glucose-fructose syrup took fourth place – I felt cheated. The grams weren’t low either: the sugar content was less than 10 grams for any of the products, and the sugar content per cup of the ten fruit yoghurts ranged from 10.3 to 14.1 grams. This means that At least 11 percent of the sugar in the product, But there was also 16% sugar.
  • Fruit case more exciting. Half of the products barely reached 2% fruit, We also came across tough varieties: It’s 15 percent brewed strawberries, of which only 41 percent is strawberry (but that’s just puree made from the center), and this strawberry brew has a lot of extra sugar, starch, flavor, colors, and so on. …a little math, and we actually get a different picture of the real fruit content. My favorite was blueberry yogurt, which has 22 percent fruit advertised in large letters, but upon closer reading we can see that it’s just a cranberry sorbet, 40 percent of which is blueberry, and the rest is sugar, starch, and the usual additives. So in the end, no more than 8.8 percent of the fruit content appears – it is indicated by much smaller letters, of course.
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I would like to emphasize that this time we have chosen special products to attract children. There are already plenty of healthy products on the shelves, but we’ve been wondering what products people can use to fill their baskets during an average family purchase. Sorting in the fridge, we also asked moms who are looking for a similar delicacy, so our choices were far from right…

fruit yogurt

It’s a journey

Yogurt We really eat a lot. In order of frequency of consumption of dairy products After milk, butter and cheese He is in fourth place: every 3-4. Today it will be on our table. And that’s good, it’s healthy. Nor do I wish to impress my dear reader with this delicacy, I am simply trying to open my eyes and show how much more conscious decisions we need to make to keep ourselves healthy.

Because health is one of our greatest treasures, we will never forget it!

I know it’s hard. Especially with young children, I face this every day. But we have to realize that every time we give in to a temptation that we know isn’t good for us (especially our children), we are taking away the opportunity from ourselves. A chance to live healthy for years to come.

They know the saying the body doesn’t forget, right? Because you really are unforgettable. We believe that if something does not have an immediate effect, it will not have an immediate effect. This is the biggest mistake. Our organization is a really complex and exciting system that never unravels with every little essential element, feel and remember every impact.

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Let’s eat yogurt, yeah! But look for farmers’ products made with animal milk kept in the right conditions, in a bottle that preserves all the value and benefit, no sugar castle wall, no excess color, smell and taste, just real fruit (and produced under the right conditions). the fruit. In addition, you will have a real experience discovering the true flavors of natural yogurt, and with the addition of a little frozen or fresh fruit or homemade jam, you can make a dessert that can not even be traced to stored products. It is worth giving it a chance!