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We traveled: Mercedes-Benz EQS

You might think we wouldn’t be driving the Mercedes of the future anymore, although everything about this car is still encouraging. It has a traditional steering wheel, it has simple mirrors, and it comes in a sporty version that serves somewhat hedonism. But even the 580 is so powerful and fast that it’s usually thrilling at 4.3 seconds out of 4.3 seconds.

It is precisely because of the rising power and complete isolation that it is very, very difficult to feel the speed in them. It’s very easy to go too fast with it, but the 2.5t doesn’t go away, on the first longer wave we feel the car is hanging, big springs to offset the level and weight difference.

Its behavior is less consistent than we’d expect, and the S-Class will somehow be nicer than that, but that will become more refined during our longer test drives. In terms of noise comfort, it definitely lags behind the S, the EQS tires are very loud, which can be heard even in a soundproofed cabin. The tinnitus is minimal, but it’s more than anything, for example BMW iXWe heard in.

Digital Light headlights are connected to the LED strip, under which there are sensors behind the panel

The steering position is well adjustable, but for the cameras behind the steering wheel to see my eyes – mainly here because of the fatigue monitor – I have to raise the steering wheel compared to my style. Otherwise, it keeps bombarding me with messages to set it up properly. Ergonomics is a little weird, because the dashboard feels taller than ergonomic, so the view in front of you is narrower which would be fine for a car this size.

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The hardware part of your driving support systems will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving. That is, as soon as regulations allow for fully autonomous driving on the highway, it will work in EQS after an online update. Sensors, radars and sensors work everywhere in the car, among other things, they make sure that no damage is caused to the car when the automatic door is opened.

770 km from Villareal, luxury track - Mercedes-Benz EQS 9

We can get the star mat not only on the grid, but also on the edge

The projection image of your head-up display would correspond to a whopping 77″ diagonal if the same information was projected onto a screen in front of us on the road. With augmented reality navigation data, it helps determine the direction, and the first camera image is shown on the screen when we are at a red light for the first time, and for some reason we may not physically see the light.

You don’t even have as much driving experience as in the S-Class. The great mechanical performance cannot be appreciated, the EQS is just a perfectly executed, very comfortable driver’s cab where you can enjoy the quality you are used to from Mercedes.

770 kilometers from Villareal, luxury track - Mercedes-Benz EQS 10

The vehicle is 5.2 meters long, 2 meters wide, and weighs between 2.4 and 2.6 tons