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We ventured among the wonders of science in the Palace of Miracles

The headquarters of the SINOSZ Budapest Organization for the Deaf on August 3, 2021 is Palace of Miracles volts.

At 16:00, we met the members in front of the entrance to the Palace of Miracles, and then took a group photo after purchasing tickets. I explained where and what they could see and try. You can experience more than 250 interactive games from the world of science on two levels of the building! In front of the entrance there is also a lunar vehicle in which you can sit – this is an exact copy of the lunar vehicle made by the Hungarian designer.

On the ground floor, our first stop space station Which presents the physics of the solar system and the results of space exploration. The members really liked it because by scoring the receiving badge, they can go to try other skill games. There were balancing, skill missions, hack wall, logic and memory games. At the second station magnetic field We visited a gallery. Here you can play with all kinds of magnets, there are colored screws and magnets of different shapes and forms with which to build special things. In the realm of gravity and repulsion, we easily understood the miraculous process of magnetism.

as a third stop Scholars’ Hall followed, where it was possible to try the wooden bed; playing basketball by blowing air; It was possible to drive an exotic wheeled car with wheels of various shapes; It was possible to spin the wheels of the bike, and test how hard the ride was: different light bulbs were connected depending on the power. It was also possible to take pictures with a statue of famous scientists in this room.

The fourth station is nature workshop There was a view of the sand desert model: the air blowing tube had to be moved and the shape of the desert sand hill changed shape. In the trampling maze, you had to stand on it and deliver the ball to the goal in a balanced way. You had to get out of the mirror maze, which wasn’t easy because you saw yourself everywhere.

And at 6 p.m., we were official Glass Room is an amazing science show-Outside.

We went upstairs with the members, and we were already very excited to perform at Öveges Hall, and its theme frost world volts. In an exciting half-hour demo, we’re introduced to the world of frost. Through amazing phenomena, we have witnessed the extreme temperatures that pervade our world. We have seen how living things behave under these conditions and how some substances interact. For example, under the influence of very cold liquid nitrogen, the balloon lost its elasticity, that is, as soon as nitrogen was poured on it and taken out of the bowl, then stepped on it, and the balloon broke.

Upstairs there was still the opportunity to try billiards, table football and interactive tables. We were also able to view a file world of birthThe miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. We can enter the picture illusions in the world and In Newton’s apple orchard We were able to venture into the worlds of mechanics and optics.

At seven in the evening, we had to leave the world of player miracles, saying goodbye to the members. We are glad that so many people came and participated in the SINOSZ SZÉP programme.
Special thanks to Kati Radányi-Kiss for the sign language translation.

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