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Weekend candidate: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time

publisher: Activision
Developer: Games for bob

System requirements:
minimum: 3.6 GHz Intel Core i3-4340 processor, AMD FX-6300 processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti or ATI Radeon HD 7950 graphics, 8GB RAM, 30GB free space
Recommended: 3.3GHz Intel Core i5-2500K processor, AMD Ryzen R5 1600X, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or ATI Radeon R9 390 graphics, 16GB RAM, 30GB free space
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category: Curriculum

Although it still seems implausible, it is true that after many years of disenfranchisement, Crash is back to us, Pandyk, to show us his knowledge to a whole new audience as well as the old one. By testing our game, you can find out how to get the big payoff!

Anyone familiar with console circuits in the mid-1990s will almost certainly know and were in a lucky position to have one of their first PlayStations devices. What’s more, not only do you know him, but to this day he looks back with nostalgic memories of the legendary 3D platformer, which was one of Naughty Dog’s first creations that pioneered the genre. It’s no coincidence that the early episodes are surrounded by a true sect, but as the developers of Uncharted and The Last of Us lost control of Bandic’s little adventures, the series practically started down a clear slope.

Until 2017, when the N. Sane trilogy arrived, Activision, as the current rights holder, gave an order to address the early episodes. After the collective rethink was a hit and Activision sensed the smell of money in the air, new episodes were expected to begin production soon. To do so, they can give firm orders to the Toys for Bob, popular with the Skylanders series: Just follow the line of original parts and he’ll guarantee success. Although this is a strong overstatement of the look, the recipe really works!

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s time after the first download – just a few minutes later – that although everything got better and better, the gameplay might not have stayed the same, but no changes were made to the basics. This is both positive and negative about the action, as anyone who loved the very early parts will immediately feel Crash and Coco’s latest adventure, but it can also cause fun experiences for those who first heard of the series. Of course, the situation is a little more dangerous in their case, as the franchise has very powerful features, whether that be the level of difficulty rivaling the effect of antihypertensive drugs or the clumsiness of the protagonist. However, instant nostalgia has been lurking in the game from the very first moments, so there will be a lot of acquaintance in the story.

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Apparently, the story does not become a central element either, in fact it only gives a strong background to the game, as Neo Cortex and Nefarious Tropy try to break into world domination with a common force, for which they open up parallel universes. But they are not counting on a pair of Crash and Coco who, with our help, will not be shy about visiting these worlds at all, which will basically determine the moods of each path. Altogether, the creators dreamed of nearly 40 levels for the new Crash Bandicooth, which might not sound like much, but these sites are so diverse and promise a high replay factor that we don’t feel inferior at all.

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Fortunately, this can also be said about the gameplay! Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is still a 3D platformer on which our hero can be seen through a fixed camera view, in most cases from the back or the side – very rarely from the front – and the goal is to get from one end of the tracks to the other. Adding to this will be the previously known Crash Toolbox, such as a continuous lunge, double jumps, slips, or just a hit, complemented by squats and walls in the current section. We have to call the former unnecessary and the latter simply annoying, but in some places we can do some good stunts with their help. When it comes to running on the wall, let’s say the situation is very dangerous, as most of the time we don’t find much happiness.

The level of difficulty, of course, is constantly increasing, however, and this is not only noticed in the complexity of the tracks, but also, unfortunately, in the amount of clumsiness that the new Crash has taken over from previous episodes. Controlling our hero, for example, is still often uncomfortable, especially in the event of running away, fast-paced moments, or running on that wall. Of course, the camera movement hasn’t made much progress for the makers either, so let’s jump to the point where it’s going to cause some inconvenience when – unfortunately often surprisingly – we don’t know where our hero will come from because it’s going to be impossible. To clear the terrain around it.

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These are unpleasant flaws, but due to the nostalgia factor, we can’t be too angry with the makers, because they only used indigo as a good agent and unfortunately copied not only the positive traits but also the negatives one by one. Of course, it has to do with how negative these things are, since we’ve been living with these characteristics for decades, so they might actually be missing out if they weren’t in the game. However, we’ll need patience on the tracks, let’s remember!

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Plus the fact that the developers tried to color the experience a little bit, and not just by surprising us with a variety of sites, puzzles, and collectibles. Each dimension also brought new masks, so in addition to Aku Aku’s additional protection, there will be Lani-Loli, which allows us to jump between planes in real time – thus solving some obstacles – while Akano equips our hero with the power of endless rotation. It was our favorite Kupuna-Wa game, which practically slowed down the time gameplay, while Ika-Ika plays an important role in manipulating gravity.

We need to use them all actively in some puzzles, and the earlier we get into the story, the more we have to resort to masks. If all of that wasn’t enough, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time promises multiplayer experiences, giving you a co-op mode and various challenges, but you can recreate the mirrored version of tracks, for example, and even unlock additional characters with a new ability to create one. New. We can get to know the business side.

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Graphics: In terms of appearance, the game follows the details of the previous parts in all respects. Reworking the old episodes really got this strong cartoonish look, which was a bit hairy for the Skylanders series, and fits in perfectly with Crash’s universe, so we can summon the public picture, try meditating on tracks or watch the characters in particularly amazing new outfits. Optimization is no problem either, it will be a basically fun experience for both old and new fans.

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User interface, controllability: While the console version produced quite acceptable results in this area, a PC with a keyboard and mouse considers suicide specifically to participate in the game. So the use of a controller is highly recommended, but camera operation, an environment that is difficult to assess, and the resulting inconveniences – which can completely train your blood pressure – are unfortunately very common.

Playability: In terms of content, the creators have put together particularly serious things about the new Crash Bandicoot. The campaign will take several hours to complete due to the many difficulties, but there will also be multiplayer items as well as unlockable extras like bonus characters and their skins that can make the adventure worth embarking on over and over again. , As in 1996 for the first part.

Intelligence and difficulty: Regarding the new Crash, unfortunately, it must be emphasized that although it has both old and new difficulty levels, it unfortunately causes a headache even with the latter. Let’s say all of this despite the fact that we face many rescue points here and the scale of the challenge has actually diminished, but the aforementioned inaccuracies, coupled with unpredictability, still often break the pepper under our noses.

Sounds and Music: It is about time that it represents a uniformly high standard in this field. Dubbing heroes is especially fun and fun, but it also doesn’t disappoint in terms of music or other sound effects.

Summary: Overall, Crash Bandicoot 4 became a great sequel to the early parts. It can get many nerves, and many newcomers can hate it because of it, but anyone who has socialized in the first three episodes once can have a good time enjoying it, especially in Retro mode, despite the fact that it has its own flaws and flaws . It was a straightforward old-fashioned work, and the creators were remarkably sure, but that’s why it became so loved, as it was really in demand. In this form, we could be very happy with one or two of the sequels – even without the major novelties!