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Weekend Nominee: The Seed of Life

publisher: Leonardo Interactive
Developer: mad

System requirements:
minimum: Intel Core i3 3.2 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz or Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 or AMD R7-260X graphics card, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB free space
Recommended: Intel Core i5-8400, AMD Ryzen 5 1600, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 580, 8GB RAM, 4GB free space
Similar games: Zelda series
category: action adventure

Very few indie viewers dare touch this open-world action-adventure genre because it’s a really resource-intensive genre, but Seed of Life proves that mere creativity is often enough. Our game test reveals why!

We have a very difficult time trying to classify the type of seed of life. The reason for this stems not only from its complexity, but also from the fact that the world of independently developed video games very rarely comes up with such specific work that surprisingly combines high levels of creativity and premium content, such as MadLight’s latest work. The seed of life can be done with the fact that it’s a version of Zelda that focuses on ingenuity and puzzles, we’re not wrong about that, but in fact there is so much more to it than that. So much so that it is impossible to describe the end result in one sentence, the concept, gameplay and general mood are all so interesting that if you capture one, you will instantly make the experience of a lifetime, despite your faults. However, let’s take a detailed look at what this is all about!

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The protagonist of the Seeds of Life story is Cora, a girl in her late teens, but she is definitely a young girl who defines herself as the last survivor of the human race on the planet Lumia. However, he does not seem to be able to survive for long on this planet if he imagines his future on this planet, as his homeland is dying, attacked or occupied by mysterious dark energy and some alien life form, and his only hope is that we can make life with our help, its essence, practical An ancient structure with which we can wake the sun up again. Will we be the light that conquers darkness and gives hope to a dying planet? Along the way, everything turns out, and what’s more, as part of a nicely put together story, we learn that the situation might not be as bad as we initially thought.

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So the concept of the game is particularly interesting, and the background drawn on it works well. For example, the representation of the world is so wonderful, and as a part of it we come to many, sometimes completely barren, sometimes surprisingly futuristic, simple luxurious places in other places, sometimes colorful places smoothly and eye-catching. While many enemies lurk around us everywhere, they are not always just opponents in the traditional sense, they are often just dark shadows, anomalies, or invisible forces that turn our life force into a minus. Basically, the focus is not so much on action as on constant stealth, ingenuity, reasoning, logical puzzles, and ingenuity. The whole world – masquerading as freedom to roam, but cleverly directed by the game makers – is filled with all kinds of missions, most of them far from easy, often with a lot of thought and research to find the secret of the secret.

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So basically the gameplay is from one track to another, but more from one area to the next, it’s about finding the key to get to the old mechanism. Although solving puzzles often depends on our skill – and here, unfortunately, the game bleeds a lot due to inaccuracy or unpredictability – it is worth noting that our hero has special abilities or special qualities, which we can provide by combination or skillful use . The key to progress. Soon after discovering the first major area, for example, we immediately get a structure that can show on our back how much vitality Korra has and how much mana – for lack of a better name – available to harness her abilities.

It is certainly unnecessary to explain the function of the life force, and not the other value, which is interesting because it is surprisingly easy to develop permanently, and practically all of our major movements will be needed. This is because the special planet is home to plants that produce a special yellow liquid. If we assimilate them with our hero, we can permanently increase the value of this Mana, which is often important, for example, to open a portal or activate one of our special abilities, the use of which always depends on this resource. For this reason, it is worth sniffing in each case if we find one, because the more there are, the easier it will be to overcome obstacles, although our experience will not be enough in our possession.

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This is because special abilities consume this resource to an extraordinary extent. Whether it’s powering up special shields or activating invisible passages, that yellow will still be a bit less, or just the number needed to complete the next task. In this regard, the makers of the business have done a very impressive job, building sites so skillfully that we always have enough raw materials available to us to get to the next level, which, moreover, was thrown at the fine of the development system. This is true despite the fact that this system specifically won’t actually be felt at all, at most in that we always have many trees that give out mana and many refill points that we need. In more and more diverse arrangements, which can also be considered a kind of evolution in relation to Cora.

While the gameplay is delightfully complex, surprisingly detailed, and the decorating associated with it particularly good, in the case of Seed of Life, it suffices to feel like an effort by an independent team and there are childhood illnesses in the end result. It’s not severe, it’s not lifeless or unforgivable, but it is.

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Graphics: What made us particularly like the game is its look. It does not rock the world, but it is worth noting that we are not talking about a multi-million dollar project. Compared to this, the appearance is quite amazing, the drawn world is designed with skill and pleasure, and there is no problem with optimization either, i.e. we have no reason to complain. It is clear that with sufficient resources it was possible to achieve more, but we are still talking about independent creation, let’s not forget about it!

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User interface, controllability: There are errors in Seed of Life with regard to controllability, and sometimes it can be inconvenient to direct Cora, but in general the system is used for this. A similar statement can be made about the interface. Not bad, but there are drawbacks, sometimes we will not even have an idea, for example, where to go or what to do in the hope of moving forward, which can be better traced here.

Playability: We didn’t find any leaps and bounds in this area around the game. If we recover enough we can get to the end of the story in 8-10 hours, but the replay factor isn’t too big, as we have to go through the same story over and over again.

Intelligence and difficulty: Sometimes there are more difficult missions in the game, but most of the time the difficulty is not so much the bad structure, the uncertainty that causes inconvenience. It’s basically easy to get missions done in it, especially after we’ve gained a bit of the core of the gameplay. There are drawbacks and shortcomings in this area, but it is still easy to taste!

Sounds and music: The game also performs surprisingly well in terms of sounds and music. Although the melodies are not so important, and there could be more of them, the influences relating to the world or the synchronization of Cora and monologues have a surprisingly pleasurable effect.

summary: In general, the Seeds of Life was a very pleasant surprise for us. While it didn’t upset our world and basically made a good impression on us, he was especially sympathetic with how well the creators managed their creativity and behavior by building the project practically on their own or with minimal background. It is worth paying attention to them, because if they manage to work with such quality in the future, they can still bring pleasant surprises!