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Weekly View: Economic data confirms confidence

The mood of the stock markets is good. Key indices such as the DAX and the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the week below record levels reached in the previous week. Although interest rates were slightly lower after the previous strong hike last week, technology stocks and small caps again performed better than the market.

Weekly performance of important foundations (until Friday, approximately 7:00 pm)

Worried last week Economic data For some beliefs. The U.S. consumer climate, as determined by the University of Michigan, rose to a one-year high, US initial applications for unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level since the outbreak of the corona epidemic, and the mood in the German economy, measured by IFO business climate, is unprecedented in the summer of 2019. Good data is not obvious Corona-Lock Town Fear of fitting and third wave in Germany. Meanwhile, the United States has made great strides towards ending the epidemic, with US President Joe Biden doubling his vaccination target to 200 million administered vaccine levels in the first 100 days of his term. In Germany, too, the vaccine campaign will soon gain momentum as the new Bioentech plant in Marpur has to send the first vaccines to fill up soon in Belgium.

After the United States recently introduced a new 9 1.9 trillion Trigger package Passed, White House $ 3 trillion Infrastructure package Plans to suspend economic aid in Europe. Federal Constitutional Court ruled that Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was not initially allowed to sign the EU’s own finance resolution into law. The court announced Friday that the law cannot be enforced by the federal president until the federal constitutional court decides on the application for an interim injunction. The law authorizes the EU to take out its own debt for the first time. The law is the basis for the $ 750 billion corona development fund. However, critics say the law is unconstitutional.

In Business week shortened before Easter Markets are likely to be torn between slow infection management in Europe and clear improvement in the United States. Important economic data will be available in the coming week, in particular U.S. labor market data for March In the program. Data will be released on Good Friday. In German stock markets, traders and investors can only operate on Tuesdays after Easter, which is why many market participants could have control over the coming week. Other important economic data is the index of ISM procurement managers for the US industry (Thursday) and the US Consumer Confidence (Tuesday).

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The 13 member states of the Oil Cardinal will meet on Thursday OPEC And to the monthly OPEC + meeting of 11 other oil-producing countries. According to the latest information, OPEC + is unlikely to change its release in April as European countries go back to locking up and weakening demand. The siege of the Suez Canal by a container ship recently pushed up oil prices, which could also affect the OPEC + crowd.

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Company dates and quarterly figures

As the quarter approaches, many companies will release their final quarterly figures or their annual reports next week. However, the key data of the statistics are usually already known, so the value of innovation is often only with perspective.

In Germany, the following companies, DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX, will provide quarterly figures and reports for the coming week (mostly final):

Monday: Highport, Tak
Tuesday: Concom, Thermaform, Eckert & Ziegler, Elring Klinger, Sixth, Stroyer, Westwing
Wednesday: Aerial Bank, Adler Group, Hotchiff, Home 24, Nor-Frames, Medios, Stratech, Wardha

The following dates are on the agenda on Wall Street:

Teenstock: Carnival, Lululeman, McCormick, PVH Corp.
Midwatch: Micron Technology, Walkreins Boots Alliance
Thursday: Carmax

Plan an overview of the week’s economic data

Monday, March 29, 2021

01:50 – Japan: Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting
8:00 am – Germany: Sales growth of the business economy, February
10:30 am – United Kingdom: BoE mortgage approval on thEd in February
10:30 – United Kingdom: M4 February Payment m / m
10:30 am – United Kingdom: February consumer debt in m / m billion
15:45 – Eurozone: ECP Purchase Amount of Government Bonds, FifthPrief and ABS
23:45 – New Zealand: February m / m

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

01:30 – Japan: February unemployment rate
01:50 – Japan: Retail February y / y
08:00 – Germany: Import prices February m / m
09:00 – Switzerland: KOF Economic Barometer March
09:00 – Spain: Consumer prices March (initial estimate) y / y
14:00 – Germany: Consumer prices March (initial estimate) y / y (!)
14:55 – USA: Red Book retail sales in the previous week m / m
15:00 – USA: Case Shiller House Pricing Table January y / y
15:00 – USA: FHFA Home Price Index January m / m
16:00 – USA: Consumer Confidence Conference Board March (!)
22:30 – USA: API oil stocks in million barrels

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

00:00 – Austria: Meeting of the OPEC + Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee
01:01 – United Kingdom: PRC Retail Prices February y / y
01:50 – Japan: Industrial Production February (Temporary) m / m
02:00 – New Zealand: ANZ Business Climate March
02:30 – Australia: Private Sector Loan February m / m
02:30 – Australia: January m / m
03:00 – China: CFLP Product Purchasing Managers Index March
03:00 – China: CFLP Services Industry Purchasing Managers Index March
07:00 – Japan: February y / y construction begins
8:00 am – United Kingdom: Q4 Current Account Balance Billion
08:00 – UK: Q4 (final) q / q in GDP
08:00 – UK: Business investment Q4 (final) q / q
08:00 – Germany: Employment Statistics February y / y
8:00 am – United Kingdom: Nationwide Home Price Schedule March m / m
08:00 – Germany: Bankruptcies, December and full year 2020
08:00 – Germany: Manufacturer price for services, Q4 2020
08:45 – France: Consumer spending February m / m
08:45 – France: Consumer prices rise to Rs
09:55 – Germany: March unemployment rate (seasonally adjusted) m / m thousands (!)
09:55 – Germany: Unemployment rate in March
10:00 – Switzerland: Credit Suisse Economic Outlook February
11:00 – Italy: Consumer prices March (initial estimate) m / m
11:00 – Eurozone: Consumer prices March (initial estimate) y / y (!)
1:00 pm – USA: MBA Mortgage Applications Previous Week w / w
14:15 – US: ATP workers move thousands of m / m from agriculture in February (!)
14:30 – CA: Monthly GDP January m / m
14:30 – CA: Prices of raw materials February m / m
14:30 – CA: Manufacturer price February m / m
15:00 – Switzerland: SNB Quarterly on Monetary Policy and Economic Development Q4
15:45 – United States: Chicago March Purchasing Managers Code
16:00 – US: Home sale pending February m / m
16:30 – US: Millions of barrels of crude oil w / w
23:30 – Australian: AIG Production Schedule February

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

00:00 – Austria: OPEC + Ministerial Meeting (via video conference)
1:50 AM – Japan: Tongan report production Q1
1:50 AM – Japan: Tongan report non-production Q1
02:30 – Australia: February retail sales m / m
02:30 – Australia: February trade balance in AU $ billion
02:30 – Japan: Product Purchasing Managers Index March (Final)
03:45 – China: Case production BMI March
07:30 – Australia: Commodity prices March y / y
08:00 – Germany: February retail (actual) m / m
08:30 – Switzerland: Consumer Price March m / m
08:30 – Switzerland: Retail February y / y
09:15 – Spain: Production BMI March
09:30 – Switzerland: March Purchasing Managers Code
09:45 – Italy: Product Purchasing Managers Index March
09:50 – France: Production BMI March (Final)
09:55 – Germany: Product Purchasing Managers Index March (Final)
10:00 – Eurozone: Product Purchasing Managers Index March (Final)
10:30 am – United Kingdom: Production BMI March
13:30 – USA: Challenger job cuts in March thsd
14:30 – USA: Initial unemployment claims in thsd last week
14:30 – USA: Last week there were millions of demands for unemployment benefits
14:30 – CA: February m / m
15:30 – CA: Production BMI March
15:45 – United States: Market Production BMI March (Final)
16:00 – USA: ISM Product Purchasing Managers Index March (!)
16:00 – USA: Construction costs February m / m
16:30 – USA: Storage of natural gas in PCF

Friday, April 2, 2021

01:50 – Japan: Currency platform y / y
08:45 – France: February national budget € billion ytd
14:30 – US: Thousands of newly created jobs from agriculture (!) In March
2:30 pm – United States: March unemployment rate
14:30 – USA: Average hourly wage March m / m
21:30 – USA: Traders Obligations (COT) Report