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Well deserved draw at Rifle Arena against Germany

The Hungarian national team held a point against Germany at home, so it remains in the League of Nations first division in the middle of the year.

against England crazy victoryThe European champion was once again on the pitch in the League of Nations after Italy’s defeat by Italy.

The defeat of the English brought the atmosphere of the match to a summer in which millions of football fans would be playing, so there will be a full house in Budapest tonight.

On the political history of the fans for the match, the closure of the stadium and the unfortunate participation in sports over here They can read.

prefix difference:

Gulácsi – Szalai Attila, Orbán, Lang – Nagy Zsolt, Styles, Nagy Ádám, Fiola – Szoboszlai, Szalai Ádám, Sallai
Neuer-Schlotterbeek, Soleil, Kehrer-Raum, Kimmich, Goretzka, Hoffmann-Mosiala, Werner, Havertz

The English were beaten 60 years later. The Germans have not been defeated for a long time, since the 54th World Cup group match.
Hungarians go for it!

The final score is 1-1.
We had more shots on goal than Germany, whose goalkeeper today was Manuel Neuer. In a good week, we did not fail in the third world stars match, in fact we are second in the German-Italian-English group with 4 points.

Although we had balls to win, the overall tie was a realistic result today.
He continued on Tuesday against the English.

90 + 5. Moment: In the last ten minutes, Germany attacked with ten people to achieve victory. They weren’t successful, they weren’t particularly close.

87th minute: Callum Styles leaves the field despite the applause, he has strengthened our midfield a lot. Marco Rossi replaces Vicky Balint.

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82nd minute: Martin Martin can head off five again after the corner, and again in the middle. The former wasn’t a match ball, so she wasn’t the only one.

81st minute: Ádám Martin fights a ball in the inning, and dám Nagy immediately starts the rich run, not daring to run a few steps, trying to cut Neuer from under the bar from the outside. impossible.

75th minute: Hungarian mode again, two at a time. Sly shoots short at home, Neuer defends with his feet again, after the corner Arcs perfectly on Adam’s head, who stands in the middle, in Neuer’s hand…maybe our match ball?

72nd minute: And the Germans did not miss it. The eminent Hoffmann may not be a stalker, he wants to score a goal with Werner, Gulakshi has already been beaten, but Urban is clear.

69 minutes: Dual Hungarian Exchange. The goal scorer is Zsolt Nagy instead of Nego, Ádám Szalai is the middle with a similar style of play, Ádám Martin on the field.

65 minutes: After the lively first half, the second feels more like a match where the teams listed elsewhere meet. The Germans keep us under constant pressure but not intense at all.

half time:
We are the most passionate team on the field and we hardly have a chance to show the Germans that they are more skilled. Sometimes the presence of their spirit is missing, too.

We play a full triple match with the most successful and even national team in the most powerful continent in football. It’s hard not to feel proud – and why should we give it a try?

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45 minutes: Slaying a pass (actually, only geometrically upwards) to Viola, who can shoot from the wrong angle but four metres, Neuer defends with an astonishing reaction.

36 minutes: Midfielder Süle criticizes Süle’s all-sold ball, he actually cheated on his Freiburg teammate Schlotterbeck and rushed towards the goal, but the defender wouldn’t let him, cutting him because of the yellow.

30 minutes: Orbán Werner removes from a dangerous flat game that the German player on the most successful field had to slap into the empty goal.

22 minutes: At the end of the meter, Salai makes a generous half-jump, drifts a bit, catches up, his shot dying in the block. The crowd is on fire again!

20 minutes: Sly and Werner, two of the same number of fouls from the attackers, received a yellow card for the host player in just over a minute.

9 minutes: Hoffmann had a great start at 60 feet from Schlotterbeck by the time he took office, having already beaten Gulácsi, the Germans had equalised.

6 minutes: Our leader! Zsolt Nagy, perhaps our best against the English, brutally beat a guard under the crossbar!

Neuer’s defense of Salai’s precise lifting position was headed to the center, but the Venice Academy left wing player got to work just in time, even carrying a safety push, then gave a close shot.

0 minutes: Nothing happened in the sports field. As if we were heading towards an ordinary world.