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‘We’ll wait until things calm down’ – a man has been slowly quarantined for two years due to the coronavirus

The man who had previously traveled the world put himself in quarantine before restrictions began in the UK. Blair Bowman His profession is a whiskey connoisseur, so he is so afraid of losing his sense of smell and taste that he went to the voluntary hermitage as early as February 2020.

slowly 2 years ago The 31-year-old immediately began restricting his activities, which he did not do at home, upon hearing of the virus. At the time, there was no doubt about the restrictions in the UK, but he wasn’t interested. And his resolve hasn’t broken since then, as he lives with his partner in their home in Edinburgh and doesn’t take to the streets unless they go for a walk or have to go shopping.

“We’ve both been in this little bubble from the start, and decided early on to wait until things settled down.” man revealed mirornack “For me, the perception of taste and smell is very important, and the possibility of losing them would be very bad, which made me be more careful.”

In addition, this warning should be mentioned because it was not at all customary to sit at home. Blair has traveled all over the world, including Malaysia, Greece, Norway and Turkey. Attended business dinners and lunches as a whiskey broker in most countries.

However, he insists that he loves his new lifestyle and has confirmed that he can continue working from home.

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ÔÇťAbout 40 percent of the world’s experience is taste and aroma, and I would really miss it if I couldn’t taste delicious coffee. Blair, who was positive about the future, explained.

“I know I will have plenty of opportunities to travel, dine and visit new places when I feel ready, and in the meantime I can take care of everything in my living room.”