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Western economic powers sent a stern message to Russia

Russia may pay with a prosperous future for the dangerous ideas of the Kremlin, which stem directly from the dark past

– Tell Ursula von der LeyenThe President of the European Commission today, Saturday, at the Munich Security Conference, where Kamala Harris The US Vice President also spoke and sent a harsh message to the Russian leadership. The According to AP News Summary Von der Leyen said the European Commission, the United States, Britain and Canada had jointly developed a comprehensive package of economic sanctions in the event of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

If Russia attacks, we will limit the Russian economy’s access to financial markets and implement export controls that prevent Russia from modernizing and diversifying its economy.

von der Leyen said.

Boris Johnson The British Prime Minister said the UK is closely coordinating its sanctions with the European Union.

If Russia attacks its neighbor, we will punish Russian individuals and companies of strategic importance for the Russian state and make it impossible for them to obtain financing in the London capital markets.

British Prime Minister said at the Munich meeting.

Olaf Schulz The German chancellor said in Russian President Vladimir Putin In a meeting with the Russian president on Tuesday, he “made it clear that further violations of Ukraine’s territorial integrity will lead to significant political, economic and geostrategic damage to Russia.”

Western leaders have not yet determined exactly what Russian action might entail economic sanctions.

Meanwhile, MTI wrote that the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven, which includes the world’s most advanced industrial nations, said in a statement on Saturday that the conflicting parties had violated the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. G7 ministers condemned the use of heavy weapons and artillery attacks on populated areas in the Donetsk Basin. It was emphasized that the incidents clearly violated the Minsk agreements aimed at resolving the conflict in Ukraine.

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At the same time, the G7 foreign ministers called on Russia to use its influence on the pro-Russian separatists and fulfill its obligations under the Minsk Agreement.

The ministers indicated that they were concerned about activities in the separatist regions and feared that “planned incidents” could be a pretext for Russian military action.

But the representatives of the Group of Seven praised it Volodymyr Zelensky A statement by the President of Ukraine affirmed his readiness to play a constructive role in building peace.

The World Bank also announced on Saturday that it is preparing to disburse $350 million to Ukraine, which the council will decide by the end of March. President of the World Bank, David Malpass He assured the President of Ukraine that the group will continue to support short and long-term financing of the Ukrainian people and economy.