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Wet Eb: Long Katinka is getting a good continental fight

The Hungarian Telegraph Office writes that the three-time Olympic champion, Hoszo Katinka, is coming from training, almost not at his peak, to the swimming competitions in the Budapest European Championships that start on Monday.

Katinka Hossz focuses on three people at the European Championships in Budapest (Photo: Hédi Tumbász)


Among other things, the 32-year-old spoke in an interview with M4 Sport at Tenerife training camp, but added that the continental match at the Danube Arena would give a major boost to the Olympic preparations. He noticed a long time ago that before the 2016 Rio Olympics, he was a little upset with the European Championships in London, which had broken preparations a bit, but in the current situation it is especially good to be able to seriously test where he has to work. Race in a serious race before matches.

“I am not preparing for the European Championship itself, in fact, I have to spend all my time until the Olympics to be there at my best. You could say that I go to the European Championships from training, of course there are temporal results in my mind that have targeted it, which are far from my individual climax. , Including the fact that there haven’t been many competitions due to the Coronavirus, so I’m not going to be at its best. ”
Saeed Long, citing MTI, who focuses on three people in the Danube Arena this time – a mix of 200, 400 meters and 200 meters butterfly.