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What can the Google system chip hide?

The Tensor SoC can draw power from artificial intelligence.

google yesterday Pixel 6 unveiledPerhaps the most attention has been paid to the self-developed SoC’s new smartphone called Tensor. Unfortunately, not much official data has been released by the search giant, but rumors have made it clear what the new design will hide.

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According to recent rumors, the SoC called Tensor is the same tile working under the code name Whitechapel, which has already been made It was also possible to read in April. To know that this is being developed by Google jointly with Samsung. There is no data on how close the cooperation will be, but at least Samsung is likely to provide manufacturing technology, and there is a chance that there are many IP addresses whose individual development is not critical.

So the Tensor SoC appears to be a co-production development that includes the CPU, IGP and other components needed to power it, but Google says their chip will be very powerful for video and image processing. This is where the design comes from. It probably includes a component designed for the inference stage of machine learning, its capabilities are not yet known, but we might not get very close if we had a matrix multiplication processor behind it that supports Android’s NNAPI.

It’s worth noting that Google says that the Tensor SoC will be noticeably different from other system chips, as the main development focus was AI performance. However, the company believes that its system will also be competitive in terms of overall speed.

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