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What do you remember from the neighbors?

Neighbors instead of Dallas. A little smaller, more bitter, but we are. Endless television that put the grievances of ordinary people in the mouths of worthy artists helped a lot to survive regime change, privatization, redemption ticket fever, and the growing murmur of entrepreneurship, housing estate properties and Hungarian reality in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Artists like Ferenc Zenthe, Juci Komlós, or Karola Csűrös, But Christoph Nemeth, Claudia Liptay and many others have tried their wings here. And we predicted that eventually, while the main song was playing, you’d still be on the road Let our heroes who have become legendary share some life’s wisdom From the woods panel.

What do you remember from the infinite telenovela?

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0-3 results: jeez! Where have you been on Thursday evenings every two weeks? Little by little it is becoming a history lesson, so we will have to reconsider some “chapters” from the past.

4-6 results: Well, there is room for improvement. Uncle Takei and Aunt Linky won’t be happy with this result, but it could be worse.

7-10 results: Well, didn’t I say you couldn’t grow up without it! Coffee without Completa would have been like Dallas without Bobby, but the regime change period wouldn’t have been the same without the good old telenovela. Congratulation!

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