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What does it mean that no symptoms appear after vaccination?

19% of the US population has already been fully vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines. This means that they received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and maybe they took the only required dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and thus, we also have more and more experimental information about the side effects of the vaccines.

Nausea, muscle aches, chills, fatigue, and fever – all considered natural that come with the vaccine. If this is normal, then the question arises Whether people who did not experience any side effects after vaccination should be concerned.

Experts argue that Neither the appearance nor the absence of side effects of concern. Dr. “Why the type and severity of side effects differs from one individual to another is a very complex matter that is not understood in detail today.” Abisola Olulade is an internist in San Diego.

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However, it can be said that the side effects associated with vaccination are related to the immune response, which may explain the fact that the elderly, who have a weaker immune system, suffer from these effects to a lesser extent. When a person is vaccinated, the body recognizes the vaccine as a foreigner, which leads to an infection. This process could lead to the described side effects. For some people, this generation of inflammation may be milder. “

How do we interact with the vaccine?

How the body responds to the vaccine also depends on many factors, such as age, health and genetic conditions. Studies have shown that higher levels of estrogen are associated with more pronounced side effects. According to data released in February 2021, those who have previously undergone Covid-19 may take longer to clear post-vaccination complaints. According to Dr. Ololid, environmental factors, nutrition and stress levels may also play a role in how the body responds to vaccinations.

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Does it also have side effects depending on the vaccine?

The type of vaccine also affects the frequency of side effects. According to a report in the scientific journal JAMA, the second dose after the Moderna vaccine is 75 percent of vaccine recipients experienced some form of side effect. This percentage was 64% among those vaccinated with the second dose of Pfizer. The least reported side effect is associated with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine – it is true that the efficacy is also the lowest in this case. While Moderna and Pfizer are shown to be 94.1% and 95% effective, respectively, the Jonhson & Johnson vaccine provides comprehensive protection of 72% and 86% protection against dangerous diseases.

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The numbers show that The effectiveness of the vaccine is not related to side effects that occur after administration. For example, when trying the Pfizer vaccine, about half of the participants said they experienced some side effect. Dr. Ololid.

“In short, if a person does not have side effects after vaccination, this does not mean that the vaccine is ineffective.”

The immune system of each individual is different, and it is completely normal for a person to respond to the vaccine with side effects, just as it is normal for the hours and days after the vaccination to pass without side effects.

It is good to know that the side effects of the vaccines will go away in a few days. The only cause for concern, according to the US CDC, is that after several days, side effects develop or the injection site becomes redder, more sensitive, or swollen after 24 hours. In these cases it is advised to consult a doctor.

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Author: Dr. Mariana Boday, Ph.D., pharmacist