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What does it take for Verstappen to become champion in Saudi Arabia?

Leading Red Bull to his first F1 title, while Lewis Hamilton leads a record eighth. 2021 couldn’t be more intense than that, with the two runners-up taking the lead back and forth multiple times.

Now comes the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia, which will be a completely new place in the history of Formula 1. In addition, the country appears on a light-filled urban track, which is called the fastest to date among similar asphalt segments.

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And all of this could theoretically lead the waters to factory Mercedes, which appears to have moved a bit further away from Red Bull over the past weekend. However, Verstappen could be the world champion at the next Grand Prix.

Let’s see what should happen:

  • If Verstappen wins the fastest lap, and Hamilton is sixth or worse
  • If Verstappen wins and Hamilton is seventh or worse
  • If Verstappen finished second and got the fastest lap and Hamilton is 10th or not
  • If Verstappen is second and Hamilton doesn’t score

In all other cases, the fate of the 2021 championship title will only be decided at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. So we can wait and see how the next fight will turn out.

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