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What does it take to be brave?

We all know that there are qualities that everyone likes in general, such as kindness, honesty, and loyalty. Courage is perhaps a less important, but no less important trait, but no one thinks of it.

Courage gives us strength. Courage opens doors. Courage saved lives. Courage helps us grow and succeed.

Like many complex psychological human traits, courage is difficult to define. It consists of several elements that are part of this characteristic.

1. Intention: In addition to constant demands and pressures, it is brave able healthy Set boundaries, say no when necessary, and make sure to focus on the things that matter most. Everything is conscious.

2. Curiosity and Openness: Courageous people are open to new opportunities and different perspectives. They are also able to go into the unknown for answers.

3. Commitment: Courage can develop when we are able to focus and maintain our momentum on a daily basis to achieve our dreams, regardless of difficulties and obstacles.

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4- Assumption of risk: Courage takes a risk. And the higher the stakes, the higher the courage (and the higher the rewards). Those who dare to face their fears, who stand up after a fall and understand that this too is part of the path to success, are braver than average.

5. Adaptability: People who are able to adapt in a changing environment, accept criticism, reinvent themselves and do not live for comfort and predictability, make more courageous decisions.

6. Acceptance: The sooner we accept the situation we are in and let go of our expectations, the sooner and more courageously we will respond to certain situations.

We all have these traits to varying degrees. Courage lives within us, even when we don’t feel brave. Each brave action fuels the next. Notice how confident you feel and how much you achieve when you are not afraid.

Being a brave leader is about strength, creativity, intellect, and accepting uncertainty. This means maintaining a positive attitude, taking risks at times for the greater good, adapting to ever-changing circumstances, and trusting our team in what they can do without limitations.

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