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What is science? │KISZO . INTERVIEW

The editorial board of the scientific journal Momentum Doctorandus (MD) and Scientia Denique launched the joint podcast IQool. The objective of the educational and science promotion program is to present to the public, successful young researchers who are recognized in their profession, touching on a current topic.

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The organizers consider it important to present both the life path and the scientific activity of the lecturer, since their experiences can encourage students who are about to choose a profession to continue their studies, even with the hope of a future scientific career.

I would like to speak to program guests on current topics, both scientific and general, who can provide professional and practical advice or aspects to consider.

The guests of the first broadcast are d. Balint Horvat, Regional Circular Economist at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dr. Szabolcs Szanyi, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Plant Protection at the University of Debrecen, was president of the PAPILIO Nature Conservation Association. They were spoken to by Tatiana Turani, editor-in-chief of Cynthia Denek. The mediation covered, among others, nature, environmental perspectives, sustainable development and the circular economy. Filming location was provided by the Transcarpathian Society.

We asked Tatjana Turányi about the circumstances of starting and continuing the podcast.

Tatiana began our conversation “The idea that we should start a series of scientific programs has matured in us for half a year.” The figure is explained at the beginning. We wanted to create a show that anyone at any time could view on the web. We were afraid that since everything was happening in cyberspace for a year and a half, and the Internet interface was already saturated with a variety of content, there would be less interest in our broadcasts. But this did not stop us. We thought if we only had five spectators, it was really worth it. We’ve streamed our first live stream, but it can be viewed in full on the Facebook pages of Scientia Denique and Momentum Doctorandus.

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What criteria do you use to select podcast topics and presenters?

– Researchers are invited to each occasion, and the discussion is moderated by a member of the MD or SD editorial board. The performers will be selected and invited to participate between the two organizations. In the first broadcast, the SD editorial staff provided the speakers, and the MD team will take on the next speaker, but background work is common in all cases. We want to introduce young researchers to an audience who are committed and already recognized as beginners in their field.

Each show will have a personal section where the presenter talks about his own experiences and shares two secrets of his work behind the scenes.

Through the series of programmes, we mainly target the younger generation, and we want to give them their views. If a person wants to embark on a scientific career, he must know what he is doing. This is why all of our broadcasts will be on a different topic to provide insight into all disciplines. It is also important that the conversation center around a topic that is relevant to the time and affects the majority of people. Environmental awareness was clear to everyone. In our latest broadcast, one of our guests explained the biological part of the topic and the other provided insight into its economic side. We wanted to provide new and interesting information to viewers. So in addition to discovering how someone would become a specialized biologist, we’ve also drawn attention to the small steps we can take to protect our environment.

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– What then?

We want to apply on a monthly basis. In addition to promoting science, we must not forget that the program is networks. After each broadcast, we publish contact details of the speakers and their organizations. If someone is interested in a particular topic, it is possible to consult with the speakers as well as learn more about the organization they represent.

IQool’s next broadcast is scheduled to take place on August 25 as one of Transcarpathian University’s summer programs,

However, of course it will not only be for summer college students but anyone can view it on the IQool event page on Facebook. The next broadcast topic is plagiarism, pseudoscience, and science communication.