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What science fiction today may be a reality – László Kiss, an astrophysicist at SZTE, gives his opinion on Elon Musk and whether he thinks there are strangers – Szeged News

Laszlo Kiss wanted to become a laser physicist, but eventually became an astronomer. SZTE lecturer gave it to the university In his extended interview, Talk about what he currently considers to be the most important topics in public awareness. As it turns out, according to the university astrophysicist, what is science fiction today may be a reality, but it has also been revealed how an astronomer thinks about aliens.

“I believe that modern science is often realized science fiction. What we used to read and see in science fiction novels and films is still practiced to this day, such as exoplanet research in astronomy. We first heard about such planets in Star Wars and Star Trek Then we discovered it twenty years later, says Laszlo Case, who added that he considers astronomy very important because it is an integrative science, meaning that other sciences can be easily promoted through it.

Flat Earth Dentistry

According to the astronomer, there are pseudo-scientific beliefs today that astronomy cannot perform, such as astrology or astronomy. “These are beliefs that can be tracked for a very long time, and I personally think they are beliefs. In recent years, flat-earth callers have also received a lot of media coverage, but then during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s almost as if this flat-earth has been approximated. So much to start with these things. It is a recurring phenomenon in our field that some people obsessively think they know something that official science teaches poorly, but then expect the rejection to come from official science. “I think this is paradoxical,” said the SZTE astrophysicist. completely”.

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ELON MUSK takes things more confidently as reality realizes them

Additionally, Laszlo Case added that what is often used to alarm even the general public is that the boom in space research can be seen in action, and the politically inspired “space competition” between great powers is almost before our eyes. “Here’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX, actually flying people to the International Space Station, which is pretty cool of course. Regardless, I think he says things with more confidence than reality warrants me, I wouldn’t put a lot of money into making what he really says,” the astronomer said. , when asked what is science fiction today, which could become a reality in thirty to forty years, he said he wanted to manipulate space, i.e. space-jumping is possible. It would be. As he said, “It seems very science fiction now, for example, and our knowledge Physics today contradicts it, but the development of modern science only shows that many things subsequently contradict our previously accepted knowledge.”

Will there be aliens?

Of course, strangers were also discussed in the SZTE teacher. In this regard, László Kiss believes that classic optics with colored UFOs appearing in the leaves is one-to-one. “I’ll tell you what my empirical argument for that is. Anno, this subject was very popular in Hungary even in the ’90s, there were three or four UFO magazines that came out in print. And for some reason, things in the photos were always blurry, out of focus and shaky. What’s really weird is That hasn’t changed since then.Smartphones, security cameras, and an amazing network of sensors that can see the sky-no more beautiful, sharper images come in, and sightings of UFOs haven’t doubled. The truth is that the multiplicity and diversity of celestial light phenomena is well known to us, And there is a natural scientific explanation for most of the so-called awareness of UFOs. Of course, I don’t say that to all of them. I also don’t rule out that spaceships are flying over us here, but the images that usually appear in the media are usually just nonsense.”

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