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What would this be? Flor Tommy spoke to Majka – video

Majka previously said that if they had been treated the same way Wellhello could have had an even more rocky success.

Majka previously said that if they had been treated the same way Wellhello could have had an even more rocky success.

Fleur Tommy hasn’t held back when it comes to camouflage, Majka mentioned. The Wellhello rapper’s guest was Bence Istenes’ YouTube show with singer Fruzsina Kovácsovics and actress Andi Balázs.

The broadcast explained how men and women face each other, what gender has the most superficial relationships.

We don’t say, “Oh, but your shoes are nice,” we say, “But I’ll scratch your eyes, more…” – said Fleur, who said that men are better when it comes to their opinions.

I guess we’re having chicks too, isn’t it that I forgive the other… I drink my fourth vodka and say ‘let’s talk about what it was last week’ Happy Balaz I have.

The divine Benedict believed that men have superficial relationships in the same way. He wanted to convince his friend by example that Fleur had to be told that they were much better with Wellhello than Dead Money, even though they didn’t think so.

Now it really falls to him that I also have a lot of gossip, always for everyone Funny divine penny added.

Yes, I really like your music Majka, you deserve more awards Fleur said in a sarcastic tone, laughing at Pence.

In 2015, Majka wrote about Fluor in a Facebook post.

“NSLet’s drink it first. I love Wellhello. The pavement is good, my dad buys it, and I think the latest song is just fine. Fleur was Tommy’s best draw for not paying alone, and Diaz is one of the best young music producers without a doubt. On the other hand, it hurts that there are teams like us who don’t get a quarter of the support as others. We have been there on every playlist for 4 years. We patronize in a lot of places, but we never get any support from the profession. Only envy and whisper behind us came to us. If we win something somewhere, it has always been the recognition given by the public. That’s why we’re so grateful, but if we were treated the way we treat Wellhello, for example, we could have had an even more upsetting success. If only the truth is written about us, then there is already a buzz around us that greatly improves anyone’s judgment. Sure, we could say we gorge, but that’s not true. It only hurts that there are equals and more equal. It doesn’t matter that we broke almost all records with Belehal, and since then, most of our songs have had 5-6-8-9 million views. When no one could get past us on YouTube for two years, an article about the shortlist appeared in the newspaper with the words “Hungary needs fun music and familiar rap.” The same with Wellhello now makes a completely different sound based on the quarterly summary. “There is no doubt who are the biggest stars in Hungary today”!!! I think it’s a bit biased.” Majka said then.

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