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What’s new in System Shock 3?

System Shock fans received the long-awaited announcement in 2015: System Shock 3 is under construction, and OtherSide Entertainment, which also has Warren Spector, is working on it. The project was backed down when publisher Starbreeze ceded the rights to the game to the developers due to financial problems. Later, bad news can be heard about House of OtherSide, and then we come to May 2020, when Tencent in China announced that it had acquired the rights to make the sequel.

Until then, the giant hadn’t made clear what exactly its plans were, so it wasn’t clear if it would complete the project with OtherSide or possibly restart it entirely. The really bad news is that we haven’t gotten any smarter since then, and even Warren Spector gave an interview that day. to GamesBeatbased on what appears to have been little progress on this: “We issued a statement last year, so far we have nothing to say about it,” Spector said when asked about System Shock 3. “Tencent is taking the series, it’s up to them to tell them what They want to say. I can’t give you much information. We worked on the game in 2018 and 2019. That’s it.”

That means, according to Spector’s statement, there’s a chance that Tencent will make the sequel without it, but until the Chinese officially announce anything, there’s nothing to talk about. The good news is that at least the series’ release is on track.