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When Keanu Reeves asked for her autograph – she also became a fan twice

The actor betrayed the two already signed stars.

Keanu Reeves is the kind of star who can only buy ice cream just because he’s putting a ban on a fan. However, not many knew for sure that he could be a fan.

The show The Matrix: Resurrection is in full swing, so the actor accepted Stephen Colbert’s invitation to The Late Show, where he said he asked for his autograph twice in his life.

One vocalist/guitarist of the rock band The Velvet Underground asked Lou Reed, though he admitted it wasn’t himself. What is still held in high esteem to this day is the note made by comedian, George Carlin, when they starred together in Bill and Ted’s adventure genius.

Anyway, the actor thought for a long time that he only had a unique signature until he met someone who had just written it to George Carly. Reeves still considers this one of his finest.

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