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Where are vaccines manufactured in the European Union or in the manufacturing countries?

Although the European Union has made progress on its vaccination strategy, the ban on the export of vaccines has not been introduced in Brussels. While in the UK or US, on the other hand, 100% of locally produced vaccines are used, which is one of the reasons why vaccination programs abroad are more intense, Statista And Airfinity.

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The fact that several European countries have discontinued the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine (renamed Vaxzevria) has not been particularly helpful for an already stagnant vaccine supply.

However, the absence of an export ban also causes major differences:

  • While more than forty percent of the vaccines produced in the European Union are exported,
  • Until then, one hundred percent of the vaccines produced are used locally in England and America.
Vaccine export statistics

Local use of vaccine doses produced and percentage of exports. Photo: Statista / Airfinity

Thus, of the 110 million vaccines produced in the European Union, only 64 million doses have been administered in one Member State. While in America, every 164 million vaccine dose was administered to locals. The rate is similar in England, where out of 16 million vaccines were produced for their own people.

Compared to the largest vaccine-producing country, China, the European Union has better indicators, with the Far East country using just over half of its vaccinations (52 percent), or 120 million doses, domestically and 109 million doses sold abroad.