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Who cares how many goals we get if we fire more – bogen

In round 32 of NB I football, Paks defeated Puskas Academy, who came home to win the silver, 4-2, and with 75 goals scored this season, he set a record 12-team era. This is how the coaches were evaluated after the meeting.

Bucks won a big victory (Photo: Cornell Makovich)


Puskas Academy Instructor, Zsolt Hornyák He was sad because his team was defeated.

“I felt we could decide the second-place issue. This is how the game started, if Slagveer kicks our second goal, we will score the match. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way, we scored an unfortunate goal and then an own goal, which smashed the team a bit. I felt nervous in some guys in the dressing room. Of course, not many of them played for such a stake as a silver. That’s why I tried to talk to them positively after the match, because we didn’t get that far anymore. It will not be easy, but if we are serious about second place, we have to beat Budavok. “

PAX Team Technical Director, Giorgi Bognar According to his team, he deservedly scored a win based on the public image.

“Even during the intermission, I knew we reversed the game, I didn’t think it was a bad game. We had a lot of wrong passes, but we pressed on the opponent’s goal, and forced them to make a foul. If the game didn’t continue, that was the solution, the shock brought success.” “.

NSO asked Tv what it meant that he had already scored 75 goals in the league, breaking the related record for Ferencvaros?

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“Very much. I always say we score the most goals plus the number of goals we’ve scored, but who the hell cares if we score more. We can get three from me if we kicked four.”

Ultimately, he also revealed whether they would support Fehérvár in the Cup Final on Monday, as his victory would give Paks the start of the International Cup.

“Sure, the whole team, but everyone in Paks will support Fehérvár because that is our interest now.”

You can read more about the match here!

DÁNIEL BÖDE: I am delighted you have a goal record in FRADI and PAKS

Note I
Round 32
Paks FC – Puskas Academy 4-2

the work
1. Ferencváros TC 31 21 9 1 65-20 +45 72
2. Venice Academy 32 17 4 11 47-42 +5 55
3. Fahirvar Mall 32 15th 8 9 64-38 +26 53
4. Pax FC 32 14 8 10 75-59 +16 50
5. MTK Budapest 32 11 9 12 43-44 -1 42
6. Kisvarda 31 11 9 11 25 – 35 – 10 42
7. Újpest FC 32 11 6 15th 41-63 –22 39
8. Mesocovised 31 10 9 12 34-43 –9 39
9. Zalaegerszeg TE 31 10 6 15th 54-53 +1 36
10. Budapest Honved 31 8 10 13 44-46 -2 34
11. Diósgyőr VTK 32 9 6 17 34-49 -15th 33
12. Budafoki MTE 31 7 6 18 34–68 –34 27
Note 1, 2020-2021, Round 32
Your site Player
Thursday, April 29
DVTK – Újpest FC 0–0 MiskolcAnd the DVTK Stadium Sándor Andó-Szabó
MTK Budapest – Vihervar Mall 1–3
Budapest, New Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium Joseph Erdos
Friday, April 30
Pax FC – Puskas Academy 4-2
Fat, Buck Stadium Peter Zirkelbach
Saturday, May 1
17.00: ZTE FC – Kissvarda (TV: M4 Sport +) Zalaegerszeg, ZTE Arena
19.30: Ferencváros TC – Mezőkövesd (TV: M4 Sport +) BudapestAnd the Groupama Arena
Sunday, May 2
17.00: Budapest MTE – Budapest Honved (TV: M4 Sport +) Budapest, Budafoki MTE Sports Complex
Note: the scorers’ list is here!

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