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Who wants to sleep in the end? These tips can help you

Our body needs sleep: then it stops working, and it can carry out the necessary processes that are the cornerstone of our well-being and health. But few people can sleep well. Let’s show you what the pitfalls are!

Cold foam, memory foam or spring mattress? What is the best mattress for sleeping? A high-quality mattress is definitely not enough for a good sleep, you also need to know, and people should be taught how to really relax in the evening.

So you can relax at night – useful tips

Perhaps the most important thing is not to go to bed too late and try to get up at the same time. It is also important to prepare your body for evening rest before bed. It is a good idea to turn off your computer, laptop, or cell phone or leave it aside an hour before bed, just as it is advised to stop watching TV.

Nemeth: “Bedding, room temperature, and humidity are also important, but what is essential to good sleep is darkness. You can only sleep well in complete darkness, because then the hormone melatonin is produced, which helps you sleep.” Giorgi. , Director of the Sleep Center in Budapest. Silence is also necessary, and our brains have to be cut off from stimuli that make it difficult to fall asleep.

Lack of sleep can have serious consequences

If one fulfills these conditions for “good sleep” and still fails to wake up refreshed and rested, Seek medical advice Because you may be suffering from a sleep disorder that should be taken seriously.

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György G. Németh emphasized that during sleep at night, a lot happens in the body It has an important function in maintaining healthAnd if it does not work well or at all, it will have serious consequences.

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source: Sunflower