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Who will be the representative of the nation? Five artists who could replace Peter Homann

The great Hungarian actor, Peter Homann, passed away at the end of May, and in keeping with a tradition of two decades now, the nation’s representatives will soon elect his successor. Who better to take on the job than a late actor?

Farewell to Kossuth Award-Winning Actor Excellence

At the end of May, Hungarian theater and film fans were shocked by the sad news: at the age of eighty-one, after a long struggle with illness. deceased Peter Homann Kosuth and award-winning actor Jaszai Marie, Representative of the Nation. An inherited member of the Society of Immortals had previously retired from the stage and had recently withdrawn from the public eye, but it had never occurred to the common people that their pet was seriously ill. In his last statements He noted that although he considered his career to be touring, completely closed, and there was no reason to complain, he felt neglected during his final years on the Katuna Joseph stage. The last time the audience saw the iconic production of Madaç Theatre, the cats at the 1500th Anniversary Show, once again playing Tust, the elderly theatrical cat.

Peter Homann was buried on Friday 17 June at Varkasriti Cemetery in Budapest. The farewell party was attended by eminent personalities from the world of Hungarian theater: Piroska Molnar, Peter Rudolph, Eva Almassi, Edith Balazovets, Tamas Jordan, Gyola Podrojí, Jeza Turdi and many others.

In keeping with a tradition that has now continued over two decades, the nation’s representatives will soon elect a new member. It will soon be revealed who will inherit the prestigious award from Peter Hamann. In our current group, we have five representatives who deserve, without exception, to apply to become members of the prestigious company.

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Tibor Zelaghy is one of the most famous and talented elderly actors. Kossuth and Jászai Mari is an award-winning, meritorious, and eminent artist who has spent nearly sixty years in the field, forging an army of dramatic literature from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams to Laszlo Nemeth. He’s directed a few times (eg in Veszprém and Sopron), but we’ve seen him in a lot of movies, and more than that, he’s Jean Reno’s consistent Hungarian voice. If there was anyone, he truly deserved the title of Representative of the Nation.

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