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Why English at the European Football Championship and British at the Olympics?

In the world of sports, starting under the same flag at the Olympics can cause confusion in the minds of Englishmen, but not in football. For example, three separate national teams, England, Scotland and Wales, are represented in the current European Football Championship.

“Since the beginning of international football, all of these countries have been there. If anyone watches a little bit of English football, the English Football Association’s website is called, so it’s a tradition. Another tradition is the Olympics. Because the Olympic football tournament was about bringing together a team that brought a special solution to the London Olympics, ”said Koper Elbert. Former President of the Hungarian Football Association.

And let’s not forget that football was invented by English, according to ‘Accepted Historical History’ – and

The first Scottish-English football tournament was held in 1872, while the International Football Association was formed only in 1904, with the World Cup since 1930 and the World Cup since 1960 –

So, frankly, their separation and independence will always be emphasized, even in the governing body, the British countries are separate.

“It rarely changes in football, but there will be no change in the Olympics, though I can imagine it there,” Koper Elbert said.

If we look at the Hungarian aspect of this case, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy still existed at the 1904 Olympics, but Austria and Hungary started separately, even in football, says the expert

“Tradition is the deciding factor in everything.”

“This is very true,” he said, adding that while the IOC has 206 member states, FIFA has 211. There are only 193 in the United Nations. Football has always been at the forefront of these issues, not all recognized nations. “It could be the first or UEFA FIFA to welcome Kosovo as a stand-alone team.

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In addition to tradition, Koper Elbert also contributes to the fact that international sports companies are trying to go their own way, and they have their own history.

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