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Why is a digital detox so important and how to implement it?

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In order to maintain our physical, mental and mental balance, it is especially important today to stay away from our smartphones and other hand-grown gadgets that regularly drain our energy reserves unnoticed every day. This can be a great opportunity to spend a long weekend with a vacation of recreation, which we start with the idea of ​​trying to disconnect from the World Wide Web as much as possible.

Benefits of a digital detox

Several comprehensive experiments have found that a consciously designed digital separator can reduce stress levels. It can also help us focus on the present and pay more attention to the things around us. Plus, keeping a distance can help us feel better about our skin. Social media apps prevent us from constantly comparing ourselves to others. Getting it back from your phone print can also improve your self-image and self-esteem.
Of course, health is also an important consideration: sticking to a screen for several hours tires our eyes, which can lead to dry eyes, blurred vision, tears and headaches. The blue light emitted by the screen is also the quality of our sleep. If we stare at the phone just before going to bed, our brain stays alert and active and delays the release of melatonin. Prolonged sleep deprivation can affect our mood and health. A digital detox can also help the body better regulate sleep cycles.

How do you see it?

Social media, news, and web browsing can easily become addictive, but fortunately with some awareness, you can get rid of the bad and harmful nerves. From time to time, it is worthwhile to allow yourself a complete disconnect. Two or three days without a smartphone is enough time to recharge our energy stores, relax and look inward. As we move away from the digital world for a little longer, we realize that we haven’t missed much even when we were away. We learn that everything can wait, and that things go their own way even if we don’t respond to a Facebook message in a matter of minutes.

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Digital detox is greatly facilitated by:

  • regular sports,
  • spending a lot of time in nature,
  • conscious self-care,
  • A good book is always on hand
  • Exercise vigilance during meals.

If you’re determined to make the change, you may want to combine a digital detox with a refreshing healthy weekend. For example, Bükfürd’s thermal water is particularly effective against fatigue, so Bükfürd and Caramel Premium Luxury Resort Hotel It is a popular destination for those who want to get away from stressful and tiring daily activities for a longer or shorter period of time.

Quiet rest

The Caramel Premium Superior Resort The completely renovated Silent Zone wellness area in the main building has followed the lines of holistic style during rebirth: guaranteed to be an oasis of calm and serene relaxation, exclusively for those over 16 years old. In the thermal section, which evokes the unique atmosphere of the Far East – especially features of Thai and Indonesian style, we can enjoy the beneficial effect of the thermal waters of Bukfordo in luxurious conditions. The relaxation area in the immediate vicinity of the pool, comfortable sun loungers and natural sunlight filtering through the lotus decorations on the window screens ensure a peaceful relaxation and a special feeling of well-being, all enhanced by the soothing effect of Turkish steam, infrared sauna and hot bath.

Delicately designed pillar elements, oriental-style lamps, subtle lighting and golden metallic structural surfaces add an exquisite ambiance to the perfect relaxation that rejuvenates body, soul and spirit. It would be a mistake to arrive in this environment with a smartphone, stay calm at the bottom of your bag. The environment will help us forget our fear within moments of being left behind.

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Photo Source: Caramel Premium Resort Superior