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Why the English language in the European Championships and British in the Olympics? Here is the answer

“The English have left the Union!” “The British fell out of the European Championship!” It hasn’t been possible to hear one or two people read these sentences in the comments in recent days, even though both statements are incorrect. In the world of sports, the fact that the British run under one flag at the Olympics is puzzling anyway, but in football their three separate national teams were represented – in fact, one of them still stands! – In the current European leagues.

The English have already pulled out of the European Championships, but they are still standing, who still represent the Queen (Images: AFP)

Because of Brexit and the European Championship, there has been some confusion in recent days about geographic and ethnic issues affecting the British Isles, so it is worth clarifying that the referendum United kingdom (exactly United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) to leave the EU – although the majority of voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland from their regions of the country voted to stay (for an explanation of geopolitics concepts see here Great summary!).

Meanwhile, in the final of the twenty-fourth European Football Championship, the three member countries of the monarchy, England, Northern Ireland And the Wales also listed separately (Scotland As usual he didn’t advance from the playoffs), though Science in the Olympics A somewhat misleading name – not UK but – It runs under the flag of Great Britain (Of course, Northern Ireland also belongs to the British Olympic Committee.)

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Why is it so?

British to the European Commission
Anglia: The second, knocked out the eighth final
northern Ireland: The third group, eliminated in the eighth final
Wales: Group leader, plays for Belgium in the quarter-finals
against all others
Anglia Wells 2-1
Wales and Northern Ireland 1–0

The answer should come from football, not the Olympics. most mentioned”Football was invented by the EnglishThe cliché depends on it In the British Isles, footballers first merged into clubs, then clubs were brought together by federations. The first match between the national football teams Between England and Scotland Long before the first Olympic Games (1896) were held in 1872 in Glasgow. By 1884, the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) organized a tournament.

By the time FIFA was formed in 1904, there was no doubt that the four independent and independent organizations came together – and where they were from the first World Cup! The situation was later sullied by the fact that after the Irish Free State was proclaimed, it was Irish Football Association, The “jurisdiction” of the IFA was limited to the territory of Northern Ireland and was established as a counterpoint Irish Football Association, FAI. As for the results, the former is the former! By the way The situation was similar in the case of the Hungarian and Austrian Football Federations (The former was established in 1901, and the latter only in 1904), so Hungary and Austria could have represented themselves in sport with separate national teams until the existence of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

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Meanwhile, at the level of the Olympic movement, it was never suggested that the British should be chosen: The British Olympic Association, BOA, was formed only after the first Olympic Games in 1905 (although of course the roots of the British Olympic movement can be traced earlier, and British competitors were already in Athens in 1896), and there was never a real aspiration for independence.

Furthermore FIFA and UEFA have always offered a broader interpretation of the concept of countries, Like other major international organizations, while Olympic Charter It seems that the formulation of the country An independent state recognized by the international community of states (IV 30 § 1.). To clarify with numbers: for FIFA 211, A NOB-nak 206, for the United Nations 193 It currently has a full member state. Is it any wonder that the FA has been accepted into the international and pan-European organization as a diplomatic breakthrough in Kosovo.

Ryan Giggs, UK captain at the 2012 Olympics – already a sporty relic from the jersey he was wearing

Back to the British: The 2012 Olympics were special to them not only because they hosted them, but also because of the high cost – in a way that has been unique in recent decades – I managed to collect an “all-British” football team, Thus, in the character of Ryan Giggs, he led the Welsh eleven “patriots”, which consisted mainly of English. For 30 years before that, the British had not faced such a problem because their team had not made it to the Olympics and would not be in the near future because the Welsh and the Scots had already indicated during the London Olympics that they did not ask to participate in the process. This is no coincidence, as one of the most expressive means of identity of not only the member federations but also the average person is the independent national football team. Perhaps Britain’s exit from the European Union is only related to it.

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