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Will he really win the whole race?

According to the audience, this singer has been performing so far.

The star’s sixth live show is over, and the audience can once again feel a lot of excitement and laugh on their knees. There was a bit of sadness on the fans’ part because the guy who could always put a smile on everyone’s face walked out of the show.

Star in Star: Organized Voting Visits Results?  A strange winner can come out this way

Star in Star: Organized Voting Visits Results? A strange winner can come out this way

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However, the vote was such that Krisztián Zámbó was eventually forced to leave. Even Attila Till was bitter and even astonished by the vote.

Zampo’s son Jimmy even flashed his stomach, and so it wasn’t an easy task because he had to sing the world-famous “Crazy” while hiding in the skin of pop princess Britney Spears.

Krisztián enjoyed every moment of the show. He did not hide the fact that even the victory turned in his head, especially as they became less and less, but he was still pleased with his performance.

Anyone who could be more satisfied is Pence Favra, who brilliantly performed Adele Easy On Me. By doing so, he put the jury and the audience off their feet.

Most spectators feel Pence is way too high off the field, so he’s likely to win this season’s superstar as well.

“He must win!!”

“It was fantastic… conquering the field!”

“My heart jumped out of place, I was so good. I don’t think it’s a question of who should win a star in the star.”

“You were the best today by far! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks, when Pence will be the daily winner! Finally a bang. She deserves it! How well she could have trained by the time it looks like the original. Had Adele heard it, I would have congratulated her” .

Commentators wrote.

It turns out if Pence will be able to make the most of it this weekend, too. It won’t be easy to do now because you have to imitate The Weeknd.

Adele dazzled everyone with her look - photoAdele dazzled everyone with her look - photo

Adele dazzled everyone with her look – photo

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Cover photo: TV2

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