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Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan working together on the sequel to I Am Legend

The second part of the film, released 15 years ago, also got a new hero.

For many years, the topic in film circles was a continuation of the hugely successful cinema, but now it seems that it will become something in the end. Will Smith has already shared a photo of Jordan.

The script for the first part, Academy Award-winning Akiva Goldsman, was also reported to have revisited Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel for the 2007 film, however, details of the sequel have not been revealed, and the identity of the director has not been revealed.

In the post-apocalyptic film directed by Francis Lawrence, Will Smith played virologist Robert Neville, the lone survivor of a devastating epidemic in New York that has turned people into bloodthirsty mutants. Neville, who had been collecting his dog on the deserted city streets, later met a family who eventually helped deliver the healing serum to the survivors.

The $150 million movie was a huge success, opening $77 million in theaters and grossing over $585 million worldwide – Reported by Variety.

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