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Will the razor Alexandra finally marry a third time?

They have canceled their wedding date twice in two years, and they have a third date.

They have canceled their wedding date twice in two years, and they have a third date.

This will be the year five years after Alexandra Barber and Irvine the Great found each other. The two actors actually decided on the wedding recently They had to cancel the deadline twice.

The first two appointments were canceled because Alexandra was so concerned about her elderly father’s health and wanted everyone to celebrate the tournament in complete safety.

Hungarian truth Three

Luckily The parents have already received the vaccine, So they can jump to the heart for a third time to chart. Actress and her lover The exact date remains a secretHowever, he revealed that the final guest list has already been drawn up, the wedding venue has been agreed upon, and the wedding dress may be in his hands soon.

Spiral will be shown on May 11, starring Alexandra © István Móricz

Best special man

Alexandra and her sweetheart already know who will be in charge of the atmosphere, and a pleasant fellow will ensure that guests feel comfortable. Actress A. He said it in his breakfast studioBest guy recently stood by his side as a groom.

I was asked to photograph a wedding. My real fiancé said she only takes pictures at the bridal set when it’s her wedding. It was a surprise when I saw Matti Garray and Christophe O’Dor. Christopher has been present at important moments in our lives, Because when Irvine in Sicily asked for my hand in the main square, Christopher appeared suddenly. I think it’s hilarious that we’ve decided he’s going to be our best man.

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