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Will they be the contenders for this year’s Star on Star?

From February 6, the show Star in the Star on TV2 will return to the screen. In the eighth season of Transformation, twelve celebrities will compete to win the title of Hungary’s most versatile artist. But who will be the one who will bring laughter, and perhaps tears with his production, to the faces of viewers in the coming weeks? Metropole has followed up on the rumours.

It appears more and more in online comment sections Krisztian Zámbó His name that many thought he saw in the mysterious promotional video. The singer’s appearance on the show wouldn’t be too surprising, as Krisztián has stated in several places for years how much he’d like to be on Star in one season. Zambo’s eldest son Jimmy is a huge fan of the show and can now show off its versatility – he can even sing some of his dad’s famous songs.

Maybe one of the contestants? Photo: Metropol / Gabor Markovic

They are also rumored to be awake feng oh oo You can also return to the screen in view. I’ll be the singer in the star! He was introduced to the public in his first season and is one of the channel’s greatest discoverers. But the hat has an old favorite, Galampos Dorina The name as well. Billy Brown His ex-wife, for the first time in the first season of Megastar, appeared on TV2 eighteen years ago. His own singing voice flew through the show for a long time, and his career didn’t falter after spotting talent. As a versatile performer, he can definitely surprise many viewers.

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The promotional video also features a dark-haired beauty that many people identify with in many ways: many say that they are none other than those with millions of views on Youtube. not a girl, but there are Hintwhile different Peter Lilly The discovery is considered in that person.

The twelve singers who wowed viewers week after week will soon be revealed. In the meantime, good guess everyone!

The composition of the jury is already confirmed Photo: TV2