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Windows 10 antivirus can cause hair breakage

Your knees can be forced into computers due to frequent technical failure.

There have been problems with the factory Windows 10 November 2021 (21H2) antivirus, which could slow down the entire PC or some applications, or in the worst case, make PCs unusable, based on repeated complaints from administrators since March Approximately.

Since March, Defender Antivirus has been causing mysterious slowdown errors in the latest Windows 10Source: Microsoft

He wrote a blog about this phenomenon born He gave a new, concrete example, according to System Administrator Markus Clocker, who manages enterprise computer fleets.

Common errors include 2+ minutes after logging in, Microsoft Word taking too long to start or failing to start, Event Log utility not loading information, and logs taking too long to load Windows.

According to Klocker, in some cases, problems restart at least temporarily after restarting computers. Currently, all indications are that the Windows 10 manufacturer antivirus is behind the symptoms, as it has a memory leak issue.

Experience has shown that manually updating the virus definition database removes errors, at least temporarily.

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