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Windows 11 could be a serious blow to PC scammers

Security improvements from Microsoft can block not only the profile of a rogue player, but also his entire device.

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If we ask PC gamers which are the best for their console counterparts, surely far fewer cheaters will be mentioned. In the case of competitive gaming, even with many software and anti-fraud solutions, PC scammers are a problem. Of course, the developers and publishers of a particular game sometimes face a larger wave of bans, but at the same time, they only terminate the license and the specified user account. So the cheater has no choice but to buy the game again for a newly registered account.

It all feels like a treadmill battle, which is why game developers can find the capabilities of Windows 11 so exciting. In our news about the release of the operating system We have already written about itNew security features have been added and the added advantage is that the computer itself becomes fully identifiable. In this model, competitive game publishers have so much to do that they are required to activate the TPM in addition to secure boot, and then if they are cheated, they simply disable their computer from connecting to the server. This means that he will not be able to play online with his computer, even if he buys the game in question again. To cancel the limitation, you will need to buy a new motherboard and a new processor and do this as many times as you have been banned for fraud.

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The disadvantage of this method is that it requires innovations in Windows 11, so it must be realized that it is activated by the players, which may not be a reality in the short term, but an inevitable in the long term.