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Windows 11 in pictures: The most interesting news based on the beta version

You can arrive this fall Windows 11, which will try to make your daily work simpler and more efficient, or just help you enjoy a completely renewed interface. The user interface of the new system features almost completely new graphical elements (buttons, options, menus, menus, etc.), the Start menu and Message Center have been rebuilt from scratch, user interface elements (controls) have been added to the system, made available in the interface One.important news, recent calendar entries, tasks, etc. Window management has also changed, with new dock layouts that make it easier to precisely and quickly place program windows in specific areas of the screen to see multiple windows at once. In addition, virtual desktops can be managed more efficiently and fully customized. Furthermore, if you are using a multi-monitor system that sometimes disconnects, the system will be able to automatically return everything back to the correct format when you reconnect. But there are a number of other useful innovations, such as integrated Microsoft Teams, XBox Game Pass, and a revamped Microsoft Store in which we can install Android apps or apps like Adobe Creative Cloud and Visual Studio. Technically it comes Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) or Auto HDR, provided, of course, that we have a corresponding screen. Although the new system developer is already beta It can be downloaded and installed by anyoneIt’s still way off the final stable release, so if you’re using your PC for work, it might not be worth downloading the Dev version right away (it’s better to wait for a more stable beta or even the latest version). However, for those who do not know, do not want to install the trial version, we want to get a glimpse of the new system. Here are the images of Windows 11, or the most interesting news based on the beta version. We also provide a brief description of each illustrated job.

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Windows 11 screenshots, or the most interesting news based on the beta version

So, here is the most interesting news based on the beta build of Windows 11 Dev. Of course, many things are still missing from this version, for example, there is no integrated Microsoft Teams yet and the installation and running of Android apps is not resolved. These vulnerabilities will be phased out in later beta versions, so that by the release date, everything will be included in the latest version of Windows 11. So follow the Windows 11 images.

Completely redesigned Start Menu

The revamped start menu is more transparent than we are used to (or should have used) in Windows 10. Here you can also register application icons that should be available immediately, there is a search function, and menu items that can be used can be accessed To turn off the device, restart it or log out the user easily. Although, by default, the Start button and application icons on the taskbar are now centered, and the Start menu appears in the center of the screen. We wrote in our previous articleHow can this be modified to get the left design that has been used over the years. If you right-click on the Start button, the most important system functions are now only available in the new Windows 11 menu style.

Renewed window and table management

Thanks to the new docking function, the arrangement of windows on the screen is more accurate and faster. We can completely customize the background of the new virtual tables and design the windows on them, so we can create separate surfaces for work, entertainment and games, for example.

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Messages and actions in a more transparent format

Finally, the display of messages has become clearer and more transparent, and features such as Focus Assist, Power Save, etc. can be accessed in a separate panel.

New themes and wallpapers

The new interface has made the night (or dark) mode more complex. You can choose from many light and dark themes, but you can also create a color scheme to suit your own ideas. We get new recent wallpapers, there is a background slideshow option, etc.


If you like viewing tools, you’ll love the new controls, which appear by default in the left panel, but you can even zoom in on this interface to full screen. Of course, we can group the type of controls we want to see: calendar, to-do list, news, photos, weather, and more.

File manager update

File Manager has new icons, and the context menu is already adapting to the new menu style in Windows 11. The top toolbar has become much simpler, but we still have quick access to important features.

Machine house renovation

The drive home itself was the mess in Windows 10, but it’s gone now. In Windows 11, we access the system settings in a renewed interface. Managing updates is simplified, and the interface can of course be customized (such as resizing the taskbar, changing the position of the Start menu, etc.) with just a few clicks.

The new Microsoft Store

Finally, the Microsoft Store has been completely revamped, and Android apps will also be available later so we can use them without any additional tuning, even in Windows 11. The interface has become faster and clearer, and many of the big names (such as Adobe Creative Cloud or Visual Studio) can be downloaded here, without having to track down installers from separate websites.

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That was the case with Windows 11 images, but we’ll of course be immersed in system news in the coming weeks, keeping an eye on what’s new in the latest beta builds.