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Winning Doubles: Cheating on his wife LL Jr.

a duo winner On Thursday’s broadcast, the girls had to answer questions about their partner’s past in an audition. LL Junior His wife, after the match, inquired about the extent to which his partner was at risk. The rapper pulled it well into the tube Kingát.

Cheating on his wife LL Junior (Source: RTL Club /
duo winner – Video)

“I raise a pound” LL Junior answered his wife’s question. Kinga was quite surprised by the low stakes. “But why? Did you hear that the question is how well I know you and I don’t know you?” He asked, and his partner said: “Because I wanted to be safe, because what if I cut off big and we had nothing left and we automatically got into the danger zone.”

“I don’t agree with your decision now.” – Kinga attacked LL Junior, who said: “So we have 5 pounds now, right? Small steps because I didn’t dare.

However, the musician did not risk 100,000 in the game, but my husband win He put in all the money they’ve earned so far (400,000). However, Kinga only found out when he entered the villa when Zeta Pataki spoke about it and congratulated LL Junior for accepting “all in”, i.e. risking all their money. However, the rapper decided: they won the game, they were enriched by 400 thousand, so they had 800 thousand forints.

Kinga was almost shocked when it dawned on her that her husband had completely cheated on her: “What did you do? When we walked in, I thought it wasn’t you.”

However, LL Junior enjoyed dragging his wife into the tube, who was ultimately relieved that her husband was so confident that Kinga knew him well, which is why the game was going so well for him.

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“I was so happy that I thought I was joking with the King a little. I like to joke with them that way, because after he falls, it’s more joyful and happier, and then we can float a little bit in ecstasy.” LL Junior explained a joke – in private, in front of the cameras.

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