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Winter Olympics: Bronze medalist protested against his opponent’s exclusion

The women’s cross-country skiing final was held on Thursday at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The victory was won by Sweden’s Sandra Neslund before Canada’s Marielle Thompson and Germany’s Daniela Mayer.

World champion Sandra Naslund wins cross country (Image: AFP)

A very dangerous Canadian supremacy emerged in the semi-finals as all four contestants from North America reached the top eight. In addition to these, Sweden’s Näslund, Olympic bronze medalist Smith of Switzerland, Australian Sami Kennedy Sim and Germany’s Daniela Mayer can hope.

However, it was also certain that the Canadian final of four could not happen, as the three of them also started in the semi-finals, and world champion Näslund should have been left behind. She didn’t either. In addition to Sweden’s, gold medalist Marielle Thompson in Sochi managed to prepare for the grand final, and Pyongyang’s silver medalist Brittany Phelan called the other branch because she was better than the German and the Swiss.

Target image (Photo:

In the final, as in all races so far, Näslund took the lead immediately, followed by Smith and Meyer for most of the distance, but shortly before the end Thompson also took the lead, eventually overtaking both until Smith finished third.

However, judges later disqualified Switzerland for a clash with Mayer, who most resented the bronze medalist and complained to the jury after the decision.

Winter Olympics, Beijing 2022
Skate, women’s cross
1 – Sandra Neslund (Sweden)
2 – Marielle Thompson (Canada)
3 – Daniela Mayer (Germany)
4 – Fanny Smith (Switzerland)
5 – Brittany Vaillant (Canada)
6 – Courtney Hofus (Canada)

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National Sports reports on the venue: Gergeli Cohan, Erica Kovacs (text), Karoly Orvay (photo)