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Winter Olympics: Chiang Qing Lina is very optimistic before the start

We have a short track speed skating team tuned in with good practice for competitions starting on Saturday.

Liu Shaoang still needs a few days to get used to the environment (Photo: Károly Orvai)

The Hungarian short-distance speed skating team was training almost completely in Beijing on Friday (Alex Farneau is still at home), but the day before the start, our snowboarding team was not at the competition venue, as there was a group competition for snowboarders, but on the Training ground in a mood, they smile.

Finally, in terms of acclimatization, more and more Liu Shaong declared himself in their ranks.

The joy of walking on the snowboard “erupted” around the team house, and soon after came a small break on the snow, as a result of which Krueger John Henry quickly found himself on the backboard system: technician Emre Emil quickly tackled him in the American paintball four years later .. an ash blade for a medal Olympic silver.

It was not uncommon for Alexander Liu Shaolin to take the lead in joke, especially as the team coach, Zhang Qing Lina A smile appeared on his face, although the Chinese coach is not famous for showing his emotions much.

But the coach was happy, and most of all, that in addition to the athletes racing in good shape on the ice, Liu Shuang is also progressing.

“When we found out the bad news, that Shaoang tested positive, we did everything we could to continue training at home, at the same level as before. Lina told National Sports. – Companions side by side, and this plus the warmth of my heart helped keep him balanced. Mentally, of course, this week was not easy for him, since he could not travel with us, but when he arrived and saw him for the first time on the ice, I was reassured: I saw that he was doing well. The question in his case is when he will be relieved of the fatigue of the journey and how quickly he will adapt. I think you need a few more days, I think the day of the 1,000m finals, Monday, is going to be totally fine. I am very optimistic: with everything back to normal, so that you can rest and sleep after training, everything will be fine. ”

National Sports reports on the venue: Gergeli Cohan, Erica Kovacs (text), Karoly Orvay (photo)