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With a goal against Rostov, the Snakes also reached the final

Norwegian Vipers Kristiansand finished 23-23 in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Women’s Handball League at the Russian Rostov-Don Stadium, even after winning the first match with seven goals, he reached the quarter-finals in Budapest.


Knedlíková contributed three goals to the success of Vipers (Photo:

Due to the entry and quarantine rules adopted to limit the Coronavirus A epidemic Kristiansand Snakes You cannot receive it in Norway Rosztov-Dont, And therefore – After multiple redesign The two quarter-finals were held in Russia. In Saturday’s first game on paper, Snakes were the career choice, giving the Russians no chance: He won 34-27, He can safely wait for the rematch on Sunday.

Starting with Lunde’s spectacular show – and by the end of the first ten minutes we confidently believed that had been determined – the classic Vipers goalkeeper scored no goal in the first 12 minutes, scoring six out of seven Rostov attempts, leaving only the mission of Grace Zadi The Seven Unsolvable, Years of Excellence. In a 7-1 lead for the Norwegians, Milana Tazsinova scored the first goal at home at 11:41.

In the sequel, the Russians came very close to the 9-3 defect and in the last ten minutes, led by Zadi and Vladlina Bobrovnikova, they worked the gradient quite gradually: in the end they switched to only one goal minus, the scoreboard showed a 12-11 Vipers advantage in the second half.

The Russians then started the second half poorly, and the snakes quickly scored three goals again, and despite Rostov’s recovery led by Zadi, I felt the absence of the injured Anna Vyachereva and Polina Kuznetsova – even if it was in the 18-17th minute for the first time, she took The home unit is the lead.

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In the end, it didn’t even come to Rostov, and Lundy continued to do well against the Vibers, and no one managed to grow alongside Zadi with 10 goals in the Russians. The draw from 23-23 resulted in Vipers becoming the third entrant in the last four from Budapest – after ETO in Győr and Brest – thanks to their Saturday success.

The fourth participant will be the winner of the CSKA Moscow-CSM Bucharest match, which starts at 4 in the afternoon – the Romanians won the first match for 32-27. The draw for the quarter-finals will take place on Tuesday afternoon.

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Quarter, the rebels
Rostov-Don (Russia) vs Vibers Kristiansand (Norwegian) 23-23
In the first match: The Vipers won 34-27.
Progress: Kristiansand Snakes, with a total of 57-50.

CSKA Moscow (Russia) vs CSM Bucharest (Romania) (TV: Sports 1)

Podochnost Podgorica (Montenegro) –Geor Audi ETO KC 19-30 21-24 40-54
Vibers Kristiansand (Norwegian)Rostov-Don (Russian) 34-27 23-23 57-50
CSM Bucuresti (Romanian) – CZKA Moscow (Russian) 32-27 ma, 16.00
Brest (France)Metz Handball (France) 34-24 26-26 60-50
The The first matches In the front house, the The Avengers With a choice of inverse profession Rearranged. Except Snakes – Roztoff Don Duel both matches were in Russia.