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With a large event of light, a meteorite collided with Britain

A meteorite has penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere in Britain on Sunday night, and a brighter event has been seen in Iceland and the Netherlands, the British Fireball Alliance said Monday.

Fragments of the meteorite may have landed about 140 kilometers north of the city of Cheltenham and northwest of London.

Particularly bright meteors are called fireballs. These are rocks that usually travel in space at high speeds. Entering the Earth’s atmosphere, they move slowly in the face of resistance, and the resulting heat and warmth will occur in the night sky.

According to video footage, the rock traveled at a speed of 48,000 kilometers per hour, according to Ashley King of the Natural History Museum in London. “Being man-made garbage is very fast”- says the expert.

These recordings made it possible to reconstruct the original orbit of the meteorite around the Sun: this object may have traveled between Mars and Jupiter.

If a meteorite is found, photograph and record the coordinates, but do not touch the rocksAsked Katherine Joy, an employee at the University of Manchester.

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