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With the latest free game from the Epic Games Store, we can eliminate the gods as Celtic warriors

Isn’t it a great pastime in these gloomy winter days?

The Epic Games Store has taken care of its players’ happiness and cloud-free gaming experience since the start of the coronavirusSo they regularly post free downloadable games and fortunately they still have a good habit.

The Epic Games Store’s massive Christmas show ended with a very serious offer, like Tomb Raider Ultimate Survivor Trilogy We were able to download it absolutely for free, including a file Tomb rider, a Rise of the Tomb Raider, a cemetery shadowr Special Editions, but additional content has also been included in the trilogy.

However, Epic only allowed players to download the trilogy until January 6th, and now a new game has been added to the free hat: The gods will fall. Clever Beans is a mixture of action and fantasy, combining RPG and roguelite elements, and the development team was really creative.

While the game isn’t perfect, it can be basically perfect for relaxing, and the gaming experience will last, especially if you have it until January 13th. You can take advantage of the opportunity in the Epic Games Store.

As before, the game that we can expect next week has been announced, which will be no more Galactic Civilizations III, a space strategy game in which we can choose from among unique races, conquer other civilizations, and make use of technology to subdue the world by commanding our fleet – but of course we can defend it if we want to.