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Many factors can, of course, contribute to whether two people with different zodiac signs are compatible with each other. Not only are your zodiac signs, but your worldview and social status may also conflict. Our zodiac sign basically shows how much we can relate to another. This does not mean that we cannot overcome this problem. This may include accepting your relationship as neutral, or trying to get to know the other person better.

Now we will tell you about two groups of signs in which you can expect difficulties:

Kos (03. 21-04.20.)

If you are an Aries, you can expect many struggles with Cancer. Cancer and Aries do not have access to generosity, their basic emotional needs are very different. Aries is very rude, while Cancer is very sensitive.

Another zodiac sign with similar problems to Aries might be Capricorn. Capricorns are overly aspirational and like structure, while Aries are more impulsive and hate routine. This creates an apparent tension between them.

Bika (04. 21-05.20.)

The first ticket you are very likely to come into conflict with is the lion. The fiery lion is probably just too tough for a Taurus, who wants to live life without a struggle. This often creates a conflict between the two that is difficult to resolve.

The second zodiac sign will be Aquarius. Aquarius is very distant and out of sight, so they usually isolate themselves from the hidden Taurus. As a Taurus, it is important to understand that not everyone can be as optimistic as you are. Also, try to look into other people’s perspective before you get too frustrated because they see things differently.

Twins (05.21-06.21.)

If you were born with a Gemini ticket, you probably don’t get along very well with a Sagittarius. Sagittarius prefers to look at the bigger picture, while Gemini focuses more on the smaller details. This is why these two completely opposite tickets do not get along well. (Unfortunately, this is not the case when opposites attract each other.)

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The second card of its kind is Pisces. Pisces mostly relies on their intuition, while Gemini is informed of facts. This creates conflict because they both justify their problems differently.

Cancer (06. 22-07.22).

As a Cancer, you can have problems with rams. An independent Aries man does not trust Cancer desires, which of course causes problems between them. So it’s not surprising that you have problems when it comes to trying to understand Aries and their emotional needs.

Another such reminder is Capricorn. In general, Capricorn imposes emotional restrictions on their susceptible cancer so that the cancer feels incomprehensible. If a Cancer wants to understand these two traits, first try to communicate your needs and why.

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Leo (23.23-08.23).

Bulls like to be able to move at a much safer pace that is much better. In contrast, lions like to quickly burst everywhere and progress. The impatient Taurus and Leo find it difficult to reconcile.

Another similar reminder is Scorpio. Scorpios also see the darker side of life, while Leo likes to keep the sunny side of life in mind. Remember, you need to slow down and refine your thinking. This can help you de-escalate conflict.

Virgo (08.24-09.23.)

Perhaps one of the main signs that you cannot find a common sound is Sagittarius. Virgo is very rigid to the spontaneous Sagittarius, who often does not formulate his plans as previously discussed. It penetrates the eyes of the Virgin, who is everything in its structure and regularity. It might be a dam that you just can’t cross.

Neither Virgo nor Pisces are exact kiss companions. Pisces doesn’t usually interact that easily, which frustrates Virgo characters. Try to relax a little instead of hardening up so you have a chance to get close to those tickets.

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Balance Sheet (09. 24-10.23).

It’s very difficult for a Libra to form a relationship with Cancer. Even the most romantic relationships can easily go wrong between them, as they both tend to provoke anger and resentment on the other side.

However, the second zodiac sign will be Capricorn. Capricorn and Libra are often discussed because the former is very strict and consistent, while Libra is able to be tolerant and generous for the sake of balance.

Scorpio (10. 24-11. 22.)

Scorpios are known to be difficult to get along with lions. Leo and Scorpios usually argue about the inflexibility of the lion. You may not be able to deal with people who are unable to change and grow as quickly as you can.

Scorpios can also be opposed to those born into Aquarius, because Aquarius doesn’t like being counted. Whether it is about love or friends, an Aquarius man loves to be able to live a free life without any limitations. Scorpio is just the opposite. If you can find a way to listen to the needs of other zodiac signs while also letting them know how you feel. This way you can get a chance to strike a balance with them.

Sagittarius (11. 23-12. 21.)

If you were born into Sagittarius, you might have problems with Virgo tickets. Virgo men love to play by the rules. This goes against a Sagittarian’s lifestyle, as they like to take risks. You might feel like a Virgo just can’t keep up with this.

Pisces is the second sign of the greatest difficulty. Jupiter dominates both Pisces and Sagittarius, making both the lucky stars. However, Sagittarius is more optimistic than Pisces, as Pisces is a sensitive soul that deals with other people’s problems as well.

Buck (12. 22-01.20.)

The first ticket that is not easy to communicate with Capricorn. Aries is super passionate for a rational Capricorn and that can lead to heated debate.

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The other card like that, though, is the scale. Libra spends way too fast compared to conservative Capricorn so they can’t find a common voice. Remind yourself that not everyone thinks only in black and white.

Aquarius (01. 21-02.19.)

Aquarius guys probably won’t like their Taurus-born friends. Taurus is more relationship-oriented than Aquarius, who is constantly searching for freedom. Hence, it is difficult for a Taurus to trust an Aquarius. If these two memories cannot find a solution to trust in each other, they will never get along well with each other.

Then Scorpio comes along, as this zodiac sign is very passionate about an often distant Aquarius, who in most cases does not want the answer to anyone. If you don’t want to play by other rules, this could make your future relationships with Scorpios impossible. However, if you find a way to compromise and trust these tickets, you will likely start a positive relationship.

Barber (02. 20-03.20)

If you are a Pisces, you will likely be fighting a Gemini. The dreamy Pisces tends to ignore logic, which is a basic organizing principle for a Gemini. Emotion and intuition are replaced by the mind. If you cannot understand each other’s logic, conflicts can arise.

The other hard nut is the bow. Sagittarius loves philosophy, while Pisces can be upset with consciousness. This can lead to misunderstanding because one is more eloquent than the other. Gaining communication skills can be a huge bonus for you.

Although every sign has a sharp contrast, a little attention and working together can relieve stress. Most conflicts require patience, extra effort, and good communication. If you both have different points of view, try to be a little flexible and change your perspective.