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Withdrawal from the union may be a modern form of national harassment

In 1707 the Scottish elite enthusiastically supported the formation of a union with England and Wales because it allowed them to engage in the enrichment of English. Before that, they tried to settle in what is now Panama, which ended in failure. Following that, during the development of the British Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Scots were over-represented at all levels of the state in proportion to their numbers, while during the two major wars of the 20th century, Scottish forces were under-represented in the British army.

Overall, in peacetime, the Scots were given more opportunities to advance in the British Empire for generations, without which they would not have expected – Writes In his commentary published in Bloomberg, Niall Ferguson was a professor-advertising historian who campaigned vigorously for a stay in the British Union during the 2014 Scottish Independence poll.

The latter includes the fact that there have been 11 Scottish prime ministers in the UK over the past three centuries, including Labor prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, but the father of Conservative David Cameron has also been Scottish-born. Incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson is very unpopular with the Scots because they see a caricature of a typical Englishman.

Wrong idea?

Bloomberg historian says the reason for Scottish independence is that he did not like the fact that he came to power, which he says was a scandal. In Scotland, elections to the local parliament will be held on May 6, in which the Scottish National Party (SNP) is expected to win an absolute majority with a plan to hold a referendum on Scotland’s secession from the UK. This would allow a fourth referendum on the general condition of the country to be held in five decades, the second after independence since 2014.

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Scotland voted for a second attempt in 1997 to grant their country the rights granted to them by the UK legal system (devolution). Two issues have been decided on whether there should be a Scottish Parliament and whether it should have tax collection rights. Both received a large majority, so in 1999, for the first time since 1707, Parliament convened in Edinburgh. Of its 129 seats (Scotland, a country of five million people), Labor won 56, shrinking to 24 in the 2016 Scottish election. Meanwhile, the SNP, which won the election for the first time in 2007, increased its tally to 69 seats by 2011.

Let it tear

Blair and many other leading Scottish politicians in the Labor Party believed that by handing over power they would eliminate the quest for independence, but they made a huge mistake. Cameron, who saw the SNP win in 2011, called for an independent referendum in 2014, with the remaining parties winning 55-45 percent. In a new referendum, however, the situation will be different, as it will be called after Brexit, as the people of England and Wales voted for the British to leave in 2016, but Scotland and Northern Ireland had a majority in favor of staying.

The end of the story may be the disintegration of England, and perhaps most surprisingly, a considerable number of the members of the nations who have lived together for centuries will not regret it. According to a January poll, 60 percent of British and Welsh in Northern Ireland believe Scotland will become an independent country within 10 years. 45% of Englishmen would not be interested or happy in this development, while 71% of Scots and 57% of Englishmen would not care or be happy. Of Ireland.

This is not a lung cake

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If the majority of Scots choose independence in a referendum, it will put their country in a very difficult position. First, you must reapply to the EU. Entering will not be a torchlight process, mainly Spain-led countries fighting for Catalan independence aspirations, which will set an undesirable precedent for the recognition and transition of a better new state in the EU from another country. (Admission requires consensus of EU member states.)

On the other hand, the nuclear base of nuclear-powered submarines in the British Navy is located in Gray Loch, Scotland, 70 kilometers from Glasgow, which would be an embarrassing security concern for the independent country and its neighbors. Third, the monetary and financial problems are huge. The Bloomberg historian recalls that before the annexation of 1707, one had to pay £ 12 for an English pound. Now, for example, the question arises as to how much of Britain’s public debt goes to Scotland. What they will pay is that they can use the euro just like Kosovo, but that does not mean introducing a European currency that will give the Scottish central bank a place in the European Central Bank’s administration.

What can you show The real economy? The answer is that North Sea oil is Scotland’s natural treasure. The problem is that since production soared in 1999, the crude oil era has been in decline ever since. Experts point out that companies’ low productivity, low number of start-ups and companies there are smallly stuck.

Unpleasant past

The propagandist who opposed Scottish independence also recalled that before the unification of 1707, independent Scotland was not a peaceful place. Opposition parties and clans fought each other on a religious basis and fought against constant external interference, with the result that the country is like Afghanistan today. Many Scots only see themselves getting along well with their peers when they meet each other abroad.

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The split is characterized by a recent battle between former SNP Alex Smmond and the couple’s current president, Nicola Sturgeon. The former SNP-led government’s investigation into the 14 allegations of ordinary sexual harassment found the court to be biased and exaggerated. Thus, Salmond can accuse Sturgeon and the leaders around him of systematically trying to make him impossible. Eventually, under the name of Alpha (in the Highland language of Scotland, Jell), he formed his own party, which wanted to contest elected parliamentary seats so as not to cause competition for individual candidates for the SNP.

Significant majority

Bloomberg’s advertiser sees Scottish independence as a symbolic structure for Oxymoron, a relationship of contradictory terms – dead life, terribly good. The Scots have been known around the world for centuries as an independent nation-state. This is shown by the fact that six million Scots live in the United States, five million in Canada and two million in Australia, without having to point to an independent state to determine their identity.

Calling for a referendum on Scottish independence sooner or later seems inevitable, but the British government may choose a better solution to lead it than it thought. Instead of vehemently refusing to hold a referendum as much as they can, they should choose the criteria set by the Supreme Court of Quebec for those who wish to secede from Canada. Accordingly, the province may leave the federal state of Canada, if desired, by a certain majority of residents, i.e. 50 percent and only one vote in favor.