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Wizz Air closes one of its bases in the UK

The Budapest-based discount airline announced on Monday that it will cancel all Wizz UK flights from the hub known as Doncaster Sheffield – Bloomberg Books. Pilots and flight attendants were offered to fly from other bases in the country.

Photo: dpa Picture-Alliance via AFP

We’ve written about it before

In the UK there is a lack of control over air travel.

After a long period of lockdown, the British government suddenly lifted travel restrictions, but airlines were unable to respond. They could not meet the sudden increase in demand, so flights were canceled one by one, and some were informed an hour before departure that their plane would not take off.

Airport chaos continues, easyJet cancels flights one by one

Britons are facing real mayhem at airports this week. Many people want to travel at the same time, and airlines cannot meet the demand.

The company says their decision will help stabilize their operations in other locations in the UK. With this, they intend to reduce disruptions to air traffic control and severe labor shortages at airports.

Hundreds of flights have been canceled across the country in recent weeks due to a shortage of manpower.

Wizz Air said that despite the current decision, it remains committed to growth in the UK. They added that they would compensate those affected by the closure of the Doncaster base.

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