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Women Water MK: Despite reversing the DFVE trend, Eger won the finals

Iger defeated defender Donaujvaros in the final and won the Hungarian Cup, kicking chances, but deservedly, leading them almost all the way.


Can Egger work miracles? With some exaggeration, this was the only issue before the Hungarian Cup final. It is an indisputable fact that of the two groups, the defending champion is a higher level and will defeat his opponent perhaps nine times out of ten. This is also shown by the October championship match, which Donaujvaros won 17-10. However, in a cup match, especially in the finals, anything can happen. And in the quarter-final duel against the BVSC, Eger has already shown that he can calmly coexist with the unlucky.

It didn’t happen any other way on Sunday night either. Josef Syke prepared his team well – to put it mildly, after two years of second training in the summer, he moved from Donaujvaros to Eiger. In the first half, the two sides tried to “bleed” each other with some interruptions and continuous goalkeeper swimming. However, no one expected that when they switch sides, the scoreboard would appear 3-0 – in favor of Iger! Kisra Alexandra simply pulled the blinds, and the goalkeeper, who had been paced by his opponent for four years, played in a military parade and was aided by the defense, which forced the New Towners in bad situations to pay off.

We had to wait until the 18th minute for the Weger County Druckers to shout out into the stands to shout a goal, then Brigitta Horvath finished off a human superiority with a goal. Attila Mihawk asked for time at a good pace, and his team seemed to grind out the tired rats: the third eight minutes ended with a 5-4 lead in New Town.

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Of course, it never hurts to have a three-time Olympic champion sitting on the bench: Peter Beerus, Eger’s professional manager, over-edited the music and an audience of about a thousand before the closing class, while shooting players resting a meter and a half away . If he said it could be reversed, anyone could believe it…

As you believe me Dora gypsy. The best of the match was quickly scored, Ursulia Hertzka scored two goals – one almost from the center of the field to the top left – so it only lasted three minutes, and Eggers led twice again.

That was enough already, though, as though the New Towners could have attacked twice in the last minute to equalize, Alexandra’s kiss and the goalpost caught them, so her daughters were covered in the pool in a moment of bagpipes.

I wondered, but Egger didn’t win, that must be mentioned. Aptly, he took advantage of his opponent’s mistakes, riding his mental superiority and leading almost all the way to victory.

Water polo
Hungarian Women’s Cup, Four Finals, Sopron

TIGRA-ZF-EGER-Donagphoros University-Marsk drawings 7-6 (2–0, 1–0, 1–5, 3–1)
Subron, 1000 view. Fifth: Toth S. , Kovacs S.
the mouse: kiss her. – Hertzka 3, Menczinger K., Molnár D., Katona Zs. , CZIGÁNY D. 4, Szilágyi Sz. exchange: Bodhi, dobby, yanxu, bursi. Fitness Trainer: Sic Joseph
Danube City: MACZKÓ – GURESATE 1, Cells, N. Szabó, Mahieu, D. SZILÁGYI 3, Moussa. exchange: Horvat b. 1, Garda 1, Unfortunately, Paul R. Fitness Trainer: Attila Mihawk
Objective – Human Advantage: 10/2, sick. 10/5. Target – from five meters: 1/1, sick. –
master balance sheet
Joseph Sayke: “We played a typical high stakes match where the load didn’t reach our shoulders. If the less fortunate side can stay on par with this then the big team players will have hands shaken as well. If we don’t work towards success, I can say we were lucky, but the girls did. Lots of work in this win.
Attila Mihawk: – We scored zero goals in the first half, a total of six – We never won the Hungarian Cup final with so few votes. We knew that through Joseph Sykes Egger, he is fully prepared for us, and he knows our mistakes. In the fourth quarter, a lot of counterattacks were directed against us to stabilize the position, the opponent immediately regained the lead and the pressure was on us again.

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Benno Hungarian Women’s Cup 2021-2022
Final score: 1. Tigra-ZF-Eger (Ilona Bursi, Frosina Bodhi, Dora Zhijani, Dorina Dube, Zofia Galich, Ursulia Hertzka, Patricia Janko, Zsovy Katona, Alexandra Kiss, Kata Alexandra Menczinger, Daniela Molnazi Toure, Coach: Joseph sike),
2. Dunaújváros-Maarsk Graphics University and 3. UVSE-Hunguest Hotels and Valdor-Szentes