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Women’s Basketball: Spain is brutally strong – Zickler

As we reported, In addition to Romania and Iceland, our team joined the group with the most dominant European team in previous years, Spain, in the qualifiers for the European Championship 2023. According to Norbert Szekely, Federal captain of the Hungarian national team, the Spaniards must be defeated once to reach the European Championships.

The most important thing for us is to get the most out of every match, it is easy for us to take part in the European Championships on the nuances – Federal captain Norbert Sekele (Photo: Nemzeti Sport)

“It’s hard to say anything intelligently, the draw is also difficult – Summary of Friday results for national sports Norbert Sekely. Only the group winner is sure to advance, and four seconds in second, that is, up to the last place, is not a guarantee of participation in the European Championship. The Spanish national team has been monstrously strong, clearly the best in Europe in the last decade, and was once an additional feat to contend. At the same time, we practically only have a chance if we defeat them once.



Krisztina Raksányi, captain of the Hungary national team: “The Spanish team is very strong, and they have to be defeated once to reach at least second place in the group. We need to beat the Romanians and Icelanders back and forth as much as possible, even if we weren’t very impressive in the previous qualifying series.

The atmosphere around the Spanish national team isn’t entirely idyllic, as Fed captain Lucas Mondello was sacked after the Olympics, having led the team since 2012 and won an Olympic silver, a bronze at the World Championships as well as three European Championship victories. At the Tokyo Games, the quarter-finals served as the final stop for the team, which became the disappointing seventh in this year’s continental match, to conclude a poor year. Since Mondello’s dismissal, numerous scandalous articles have been published about the 54-year-old, who has often verbally insulted and ridiculed players, according to players who have since opened up in the press.

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“It is a dangerous double-edged sword, as there may now be unrest around the national team, which may be an opportunity for the opponents, but it is clear that a new captain will be appointed soon, there will be a new crew who will want to prove at all costs.Follow Sekele. – At the moment we can only make predictions about who knows what will happen by February 2023. We are already preparing for the two matches in November, and we can only hope that the coronavirus epidemic will not interfere as in the previous cycle. It would be good to play in front of the spectators and not in a bubble, to have a good match with the Spaniards in Hungary, on their own land. We are now working on putting together the program, talking to the players, and developing a strategy.”

2023 European Championship Qualification Kits
the group: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, North Macedonia
Group B: France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Finland
Group C: Hungary, Spain, Romania, Iceland
Group D: Turkey, Slovenia, Poland, Albania
Group E: Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria
Sixth group: Russia, Montenegro, Denmark, Austria
Group G: Greece, Great Britain, Portugal, Estonia
Group H: Italy, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Switzerland
The first group: Belarus, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Ireland
Group J: Sweden, Latvia, Israel