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Women’s hand: CSM winner Ferencváros

Ferencvaros women’s handball team defeated CSM Bucuresti 32-30 on day two of the Oradea Preparation Tournament, winning the four-team match.


Kathryn Klujber, 42, can come home from Baia Marie as a championship winner (Photo: Chapa Dumotor, Archive)

less than 24 hours Ten goals against Baia Mare (36-26) After the success, Ferencváros women’s handball team clashed with the Champions League group champions, Romanian champion CSM Bucuresti. In addition to the German bowlers, Emily Polk and Alicia Stoll, the new Montenegrin coach, Aitana Gerbiks, began playing in the indoor positions, Angela Malesten and Marton Greta played on both sides, and judge Blanca stood in the first half.

The match started with a Grbics strike and the sequel went well for the Hungarian team, building on Bíró’s exploits and phenomenal defensive work, striding 7-2 – CSM coach Adrian Vasile also thought it best to ask for time before he grew even more. The difference between the two parties.

In the second half of the first half, Bucharest improved, but thanks to Katog Klujber’s strike in the last seconds, the FTC led by four during the break (16-12).

After the turn, CSM quickly came and managed to attack for a tie, but the guests did not let the match turn, and with Malestein’s goal of the rush, they closed again in the last minute with a four – after which the Romanians could only embellish the score (32-30).

Thus Ferencváros won the Oradea Prep Tournament with two victories, in the last meeting the DVSC beat Baia Mare by one goal.

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Women’s handball
Preparation course (ORAGUE)
CSM Bucharest (Romanian) –FTC 30–32
Baia Mare (Baia Mare, Romania) – DVSC Schaffler 27-28

Preparatory match
Geori Audi ETO KC – HC DAC 43–27 (21-15)

Danube Cup, Women’s International Setup, VÁC
Vác NKSE – MTK Budapest 32-30
for third place
Fez – Juventa Michalovci 28-35

1. Koroli Saba Memorial Tournament, kiscapa
Piquescapa – Kisvarda 25-26 (13-14)
Alba Fehrvar – Donaujvaros 23-29 (10-11)