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Women’s handball: Dunaújváros certified as manager by Győr

Advertise on his official website Gyor’s Audi ETO KC leaves Joanna Farkas at the end of the season due to the expiration of her contract and will continue her career at Donaujváros.

Joanna Varkas will finally be a player for the Donajvaros people from next season (Photo: Iniki Zaponi Zsidrovets/Donajvaros News)

The 20-year-old director will be first in the Bügler-SZISE Academy, and then this year Donogvaros Confirmed on loan. According to the club’s announcement, the administration decided to release the emerging national team player in order to preserve his development, so they agreed to leave permanently and to DKK justify.

Gorbic AnitaThe head of the Audi ETO KC in Gyor told the club’s website that they could be truly proud of the performance of young Joanna Varcas, one of the teachers at Gyor who was able to join the senior team. “It is time that, instead of borrowing, finally graduate from your adoption squad. I am confident that his development as a player in the Donaujvaros Metallurgical Handball Academy will continue uninterrupted.”

“I thank everything from the Audi ETO KC in Gyr over the past years, and I will never forget what I learned here. I would like to wish the club a lot of success, and hope that one day I will be able to return to the Audi Arena in Gyr as a competitor” – Tell Farkas Joanna club site.

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