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Women’s handball: ETO goalkeeper retires at the end of the season

At the end of the season, Amandine Lenaud, the French goalkeeper for the ETO women’s handball team in Gires, will end her career as an athlete. This was reported by the residents of Gyor on the club’s website.

Amandine Linwood breaks a competitive handball in the summer (Photo: Attila Turok)


“It was the hardest decision of my life to say: I will end my career in handball this summer quotes club site French handball player. – I feel like it’s time for that now. I am fortunate that I won the Olympic gold with the French national team in 2021 and so I was able to finish my role in the national team. Obviously this also affected my contract at Gyor. Here at the Audi ETO KC in Gyor, the best team in the world, I won and achieved everything I wanted. I remain full of energy and motivation, my goal is to help the team achieve our common goals in my last season, and I want to be able to finish my club career at the top as well.”

The world-class French team from Metz, Valencia and then Vardar Skopje signed at Gyor in the summer of 2018, according to the club, he has worn the green and white jersey in 131 matches so far and scored 6 goals against opponents.

In his first year at Gyr, he won the UEFA Champions League, the Hungarian Championship and the Hungarian Cup. In the 2019-2020 season, no winners in any of the series were announced, until last year they again won a gold medal in the Hungarian Cup, a silver medal in the tournament and a bronze medal in the Champions League.

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Club president Chapa Bartha paid tribute to the late player.

“Amandine is not only a great goalkeeper, but a fantastic man both on and off the field. A true leader who can be a role model for everyone, not only in his club team but also in the international handball arena, he is surrounded by great respect and appreciation.” – Quoted from the president of the ETO website.

Lenod won everything with the French national team: she became an Olympic, world and European champion.