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Women’s World Cup: France finished fourth in the semi-finals

In the second and final semi-finals of the World Handball Championship in Spain on Wednesday, France benefited from a better defense in the second half after the balanced first half and retained its advantage over the Swedes in the waist (31-26).

Among the French (Photo: AFP)


The Swedes clearly dominated in the first half, sometimes managing to take a two-goal lead, but the French clashed in the final minutes, leaving a 15-15 tie on the scoreboard during the break.

In the second half, the French better defended the Swedish national team – despite having two of the best scores in the match up to 9 goals. Natalie Hagman, as well as the six in Gyor Lynn Bloom – They didn’t know what to do with it. The French based their success on a 7-2 attack in the first minutes after the break, and the gap between the two teams did not drop to less than three goals per jump.

Thus, the field of the semi-finals was completed with the French Norwegian to Spanish Meeting Danish French There will be a match to reach the finals.

Women’s World Championships, Spain
France – Sweden 31-26 (15-15)

Norway and Russia 34-28 (19-15)
Low house playing for the presidential cup (Lyria)
for the thirty-first
Iran and China score found 10-0
for the twenty-ninth
Paraguay – Uzbekistan 39-33 (19-19)
for the twenty-seventh
Tunisia – Cameroon 35-29 (20-15)
for the twenty-fifth
Angola – Slovakia 23-21 (11-9)